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Amani Hindawi
November 10, 2008

Our last days in the IXMBA (International Executive MBA)- 39 days to be exact are marked by an endless  state of organized chaos, trying to wrap up all the too many group reports, individual assignments, final exams, individual final exams, not to mention the still on-going sessions and classes, and to add up to the torture, the final case. But the good thing about this chaos is that sometimes we are allowed to choose our method of being tortured, say our group for the final case or even our chosen method for the individualized final exam, etc.

The other day, I was having a discussion with my friends; who incidentally have managed to tolerate me through this transformational phase, and they were saying that once I finish this MBA, I will have too much time on my hand and will get bored. That most definitely cracked me up in a giant laugh. “BORED? Are you kidding? That for sure I will not be, because I will revert to my old, normal human being state of enjoying a free time to invest it in whatever makes me happy like hobbies for instant, since this MBA has temporarily transformed us into aliens who try to manage time to boring limits. Like reading a case in the middle of a game, or editing an assignment during a kid’s recital, do you honestly believe a normal homosapian would do such a thing? 

 The important thing throughout this hectic time and lifestyle is to keep your sense of humor and enjoy the torture as much as possible, oh, did I just say torture, I meant the learning, which in the end is about transformation to the better and the more valuable. Amidst all of this organized chaos, I say there’s a massive need for laughter and fun (but only once in a while, fun takes time and you can’t possibly waste it on fruitless endeavors that nourish the soul and bring your adrenaline level to a high, or can u?)

Playing in the park with my kids on the weekend without constantly peeking to my watch to find out if time has run up, or even going immediately to sleep when you get back home after a night out without checking the forums and doing some reading, that will be awesome. But if I have learnt something here is that time is an asset, and although you will never find it on any firm’s or personal’s balance sheet but it sure is the most valuable, and if I have learnt anything from this MBA, it is that investing time valuably is what matters in this whole life, whether it’s business life or personal…





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