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Michaela G├Âtze
March 18, 2009

Ok I was participating a Master in English but I have to admit I was sometimes quite frustrated not to be able to understand my fellows or the inhabitants of Madrid.

The second intake is much more diversified (90% foreigners) but in my class 90% spoke Spanish. So you can imagine that if emotions went up or secrets got shared they moved into their language. Not by purpose just a normal behavior as I would do too. It was interesting to see how much you can understand as a foreigner not speaking the language just by watching body-language, feeling emotions and concentrating on expressions. I definitively learned a lot.

But there are still many people in Madrid who do not speak English (unfortunable) and in the long hand its not fun to sit in a restaurant unable to order or to try to get internet access in your apartement from a weared reception guy. Its also not fun to follow your new friends on twitter and they tweet in spanish and I am so curiousssssssssss- common I am a woman- its in my genes;)

Ok I only had two residential periods here but I would have love to be able to integrate even more.

Therefore in my free time after the Master- I WILL LEARN SPANISH ­čśë

Greetings from Madrid


My faces when trying to understand the world around me:


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