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Michaela Götze
March 31, 2009

Post (Natal) Digital Master Depression

Lessons Learned 3: YOU WILL MISS IT


One week ago I graduated


and now you are probably wondering why I still post but the blog is called „Living the Online Master“ and I am living (with) it so once in a while you will hear from me again- sorry by getting on your nerves 😉


So what happened after our Graduation?

  1. I received a nice email from an IE Master student send to me at 5 am in the morning stating “Now I know why you needed chocolate- I am currently having a brioche and try to finish my paper….”
  2. I received an emergency Skype call from a New Digital Master Student: “I don’t understand this subject and the book still did not arrive- and I have a test tomorrow-can you explain?”
  3. I received an email from my former student mate stating: “How are you back in “After master life”? I am having a Post Digital Master Depression”
  4. I received a mail from IE asking me for assisting in an Alumni project (I will write about it as soon as the project is live) because I was officially named as the “Alumni President MDAC2009” and as you can see I am taking this title very serious:

I don’t have a good sleep since I am back from Madrid. Can you believe this? I am solving case studies every night. It’s like my “Super-Ego” (Freud)

=Master-Super-Ego is fighting with my “It” and tries me to convince not to stop thinking about the Master.

Which leads me to another problem how should I loose my Master weight if I still studying every night and need to have tons of Chocolate?


Don’t know but one of the most important things I learned during the last 13 months is to solve problems and to monetize digital projects. So lets see maybe tonight I am dreaming about a great digital business idea which involves some of my “excess baggage”

and how to monetize it 😉 Remember Mr. Berlusconi’s fat becoming Soap?



Good Night and Good Luck from Switzerland




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