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Juan Gutiérrez
May 9, 2009

Hello people, its me again, Juan 😀

As I promised in my previous post, I will talk a little bit about how the methodology works, and in this post I will focus on how the interaction is with your classmates. The first thing you have to consider is that you will be organized in groups (A, B, C and D which can vary depending on the number of students in each class). Each group consists of 5-7 members, and you will be working with them for several months. After that you will be shuffled again and groups are reorganized, this way you will have the opportunity to work and interact on a daily basis with everyone in the class, this will help you to improve your skills to relate with different people, with different cultures and the most important, with different personalities. This is an excellent training to learn how to deal with people with different ways of thinking, personalities, characters, etc, as its the case in real life. 

I remember when I started the program I had the chance to work with three excellent persons, Lena, Hiro and Borja. The interaction is constant, you have to use all the resources available, MSN, Skype, email and the virtual campus (which has the platform to interact live with camera and audio in real time, with some awesome tools like whiteboards, chats, polls and a section to share documents so everyone could see them at the same time, trust me is hard to give the details written, but once you get used to it, is like being in the same room working with your colleagues. 

The routine is the same, we worked on cases, starting with a first draft and building over it until we came up with the final report that was due Saturday or Monday. The interaction is daily, we used to schedule meetings every other day to discuss our thoughts on how to approach the case, for instance, when we were taking the Marketing course we used to spend all Sundays working on the reports. The course was excellent which implied that the reports the professor expected had to be high quality. We used to eat together while working, we also used to joke a lot and laugh like crazy while working, these made the whole experience very rewarding. The most amazing thing was that we were all in different locations: Guatemala, Germany, UK and Madrid! and it was fun to see our everyday activities merge with our MBA-work: Hiro going downstairs to put the laundry, or me calling McDonald’s to order my lunch (yes in Guatemala McD has home delivery), Lena being called by her husband that her dinner was ready, or Borja saving his dog from choking with a tangerine! hahahaha it was so fun when he told us that while we were working :-D, of course he saved his dog, otherwise it wouldn’t be fun at all ;-). 

At the end it was like working in the same physical space, it only took dedication, responsibility and discipline from the members to be there making the time to work. At the end, the result was rewarding, the final report deserved a 10/10. Just FYI, this was every Sunday, while the Marketing course lasted, almost three months!

I have to go now, talk to you guys later….



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