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Inmaculada Valle
May 18, 2009

Hi again!

well, well, let’s talk about how it is to start to work on-line…, the first presential period is oooover!!

it’s been so nice to be in Madrid, meet all these new interesting people, we work hard but we had a lot of very funny moments, I really like all of them, and we really enjoy being just students for 2 weeks, well…, now it’s time to back home…

In my case, I left Madrid one Tuesday morning, exactly the day we were starting with the discussions on-line, ummmm, how will be to work on-line?

I took my flight in the morning, after checking the discussion board (DB),….ummmmm, nothing there yet…., approximately 1 day later (subway-plane-cumstoms aggggg-plane-train-home!) I was again in front of a computer ready to connect with the DB, ummmmm, let’s see, let’s see what’s going on!!…., and….., my pupils get dilated, I stop breathing, my heartbeat is going crazy…. am I going to have an stroke? …200 posts! 200… posts?!! in one day? but… but we are just 11 people in the course this year… and I didn’t post anything yet…, 200? seriously?!! This must be a joke!!… well, you can imagine that whatever nice feelings I had for my classmates at that point completely disappeared… 

first thing to learn from this experience, don’t think that you will feel that you will be working just by yourself, you will weak up and you will go to bed reading your classmates and professors posts, you will eat in front of your computer and you will use every minute you can to check what’s going on in the DB…, you may not have all your classmates in the room with you, but you pretty much live with them every minute of the day…

after the initial shock, and believe that is really stressful at the beginning, little by little you learn to manage all this and actually, in my case if I open the DB during a weekend and I don’t see any new comment I feel weird, like if something is going wrong…, anyway, it doesn’t happen very often, and of course, never during the week

two moths have passed already, and we still keep a very high number of posts per week, some very serious, some very funny, some complaints, some to cheer you up,… every week a little bit of madness appears at some point to relieve stress and make things easier…, in this master you work a lot, you learn a lot, but you also laugh a lot, not a bad combination, not at all…


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