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Inmaculada Valle
June 3, 2009

Well, probably the worst part of being part of an online program is the time that you spend by yourself in front of a computer, is like going to work out by yourself: its not the same and it’s harder than when you go with a group of people. You know is for your own benefit and you know you are doing it because you want, nobody push you to it, but…, sometimes you will wonder what exactly crossed your mind when you decided to invest your free time in that… 

I have to say anyway, that at some point becomes a big part of your life, and in the same way that you feel “addicted” to the exercise after some time, you will also get addicted to check the discussion board (DB) to see what’s going on with the different discussions opened for that week. So, there is this point when you not only don’t mind to be such a long time in front of a laptop, but you really enjoy it! Just make sure that when you do it at work your boss is not around…, fortunately mine doesn’t mind 

Another “problem” is that people around you “don’t understand you” anymore . Why cannot you go out for dinner any time? or, take the whole weekend to go rafting?, or why the hell do you have to be connected a Friday at 4 am to internet to listen a videoconference? it’s like being teenager again, nobody understand what I am going through, only my fellows, but I don’t have then “here”, I don’t even live in the same continent that any of them!!

On the other hand…, we live in this fantastic era of technology, with email and telephone, but also with facebook, skype, msn… so actually, we are not “so alone”, you all know it

The other thing, is that actually, you don’t really need to be at home to be part of the class, you can be in a library, in a airport, in the park, having dinner with some friends while being a geek and using your iphone to send messages to the DB (personally, I don’t have an iphone, but I have a lot of friends who don’t mind if I borrow theirs  )

The last point that I would like to make with this post, is actually related with this “era of internet”. I work a lot with people who I barely see in person, or lives miles away from me, and we base our communication and our work mainly in phone calls and emails, so, in a way, this on-line master offers me an experience more “real” than going to class every day.  It is not only about the knowledge that I am getting about different subjects, but about the way you communicate with your peers through internet, and about the way you organize your work (personal but also team work) and deal with problems and deadlines in your group when you don’t have these people “face to face”. This is, to me, a competitive advantage of the on-line masters, but each person should consider their own situation an the added value of each option.

Right now, I have to say that even with all the “demands” of this master, I am happy I decided to do it and I am happy I chose the on-line MBM at IE, so far, so good 


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