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Virginia García
June 16, 2009

And this is me!! Yes I’m veeeery impolite!! It has been a while since I last wrote something in the blog…

I want to show you some pictures from our last class:

Amazing isn’t it? J

Yes, this is our platform. This is what we call the VC (Video conference). Every Saturday in the morning we have an on-line class with the professors… sometimes we use this session to solve doubts, others to review the cases, but in most of the cases: to present. Professors love to see students suffering when they are presenting… hahaha

Well, in fact it is a very good exercise that helps us to forget our fears and to be more collaborative among us. As in normal presentations, live makes things more complicated… but when you add to the normal problems the online ones… it becomes really funny!! One of your mates forgets the micro in his girlfriends house, another has a shortcut and the connexion goes down, did someone don’t pay the ADSL?? Hahaha, it’s just a joke… the important thing of that is if someone is unable to present, for whatever reason, the others always backup him/her… don’t think that MBAs are just intended to make you more competitive and aggressive in your work… but to learn to contribute, work in teams and confront the unexpected situations together, it is all about team effort!

Obviously we can’t always all of us show up in front of the camera, can you imagine 30 persons connecting and talking at the same time from all around the world… what a mess!!

I would like to specially thank Jesus who is our IE help-online and spends hours with all of us trying to make our sound and image better and rescuing us when we don’t know how to use something or something was failing in our computers!! Thank you Jesus! I owe you at least one beer 😉

Next time I will explain to you some things about the life after the Global MBA… and soon… about our graduation…of course!


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