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Juan Gutiérrez
June 17, 2009

Hi again, its me :-),

This time I would like to share a little bit about what happends during the week. I think my colleagues made very good posts regarding the VC and I loved Virginia’s post with the photo of the class! its simply amazing to see how time and location become so relative nowadays, in the photo you see in her post, you have people located at that moment in the whole globe! amazing isn’t it? only at IE!… 😉 that’s innovation!!!

Well, during the weeks we have the so-called discussion forums (or DB as we call them). During the forums we have the same quality interaction as in the videoconferences, this time its all written in a blog. The way it works is pretty simple and straightforward. We have a study case allocated for each DB, we have to read it, discuss it with our group, and prepare a report which is due Monday, the professor posts some warming-up questions regarding the case, in which we can give our views and answers (both from our group’s perspective and also individually), the professor (or sometimes a group) is in charge of moderating the forum, by analizing each comment and trying to go deeper in the discussion, this requires that everyone enters the DB at least twice per day, in some cases (when your group is moderating) you will be required to enter much more than that.

The beauty of this method is that you get the views of everyone in the class which is very nurturing, plus it gives you the advantage that each one of us can think and meditate on the question before answering, enhancing considerably the quality of each comment. This is waaaay better than the usual direct questions (or cold-calls) made in class in the presential format, in which the student has to answer right away, as we all know, this can be a bit scary sometimes, and since you have to answer so fast, your answer will not be as deep as if you have chance to meditate, re-read some material, do research or even ask a colleague at work about a topic, and after this, you prepare your answer or comment, adding soooo much value to the answers and comments you get in the DB.

I will come back with more soon…

take care



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