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Ram Parasuraman
December 22, 2009

Hello to one and all! Where ever you are reading this from, one thing is for sure, you have no doubt realized the convenience that the internet has brought to all of us in several facets of our lives. Whether we’re shopping for Christmas gifts, as many of us are doing at this time, on another tab in our browser, or if we’re looking to see which school is the best for our child and several other “applications” including researching for a good school in which to do an MBA.

Such a search, brought me to IE Business School, a Continent and an Atlantic Ocean away from the Western United States where I live and work. I am now  a proud member of the Global MBA Class of 2010. Our class has just completed the first quarter and are relishing the Christmas break and I thought this would be a good time to reflect on the months that have gone past like a blur that you would  see riding the Shinkansen Bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto, the ICE from Berlin to Hamburg or TGV from Paris to Nice or even the Rajdhani from New Delhi to Bombay!

Through this blur, I recollect T-accounts, the five forces, Multi-party Negotiations, the 4Ps & 5Cs  and the art of Networking! We have been through it all with plenty more to come, as a class of 65 this year, effectively twice the previous class sizes. More classmates means a  magnification in  diversity,  collaboration, experience and of course thoughts.  Although I have met people from several countries, cultures, sectors and backgrounds in my 10 years of professional experience and 30 years of living or working in 3 different continents and some 7 countries, no where have I seen the diversity that I experienced at IE Business school, first via the virtual introductions and then for real in the Aula Magna that bright Monday September morning in Madrid.  How often do you find yourself in the same room as others from 34 countries? Unless you work for the UN or as a Foreign minister, there are but a few chances that you would get this luxury. Add to this, the ability to share experiences, work on mini-projects, to have a drink with and it goes beyond luxury into a “Once in a Lifetime” opportunity, in this case, one that lasts not one day, not one month, but a full year and a quarter.

And so it began, the Global MBA, the transformational experience, about to shape the lives of 5 dozen people by engineering,  welding, molding, crafting, chiseling, designing and painting their experience with the color of diversity and experience not erstwhile experienced! And so it begins… my series of blog posts via which I hope to convey the “Real Life Story” of a Global MBA class and its constituents.  My predecessors and compatriots in this blog have been a source of great inspiration for me to write this blog and I am really standing on their shoulders as I draw from their experiences during their MBA and Specialized Masters programs.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010!


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