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Carlos Olguín
March 1, 2010

Hello everyone! This is my first contribution to the blog and I’m glad you are interested in reading a little bit about the unique experience of studying an online master at IE. Before entering the program I did myself some extensive research (the decision of making such an investment is not an easy one) and I found the experiences of former students in this blog useful. So here I am now, writing about my own experiences, hoping they can be useful to you.
It has been 5 months since I started the Global MBA. If you want to get a general idea of how it is, well the best description in one word would be: intense! Here are two of the factors that make the point in question:

Sessions are tightly scheduled from week to week, leaving no time for breaks (except from the official ones like the Christmas break). This means that when we finish two topics; let’s say Fundamentals of Marketing Management and Financial Accounting a Thursday, on Friday (or maybe even before) we have to prepare already for session 1 of the next topics that begin on Saturday, lets say Cost Accounting and Strategy. Two new topics, new tasks, books, professors… There is no time to recover, to look back or catch your breath. The ball is rolling and it doesn’t stop!

The workload
In the full workload weeks we have business as usual: book readings, individual preparation for the sessions (of the two topics at hand), team discussions and preparation for team submissions as well as group discussion in the forums.
In the crazy over the top workload weeks we have all the latter, plus some extras, the cherry on the top. This could be for example a group presentation in our Saturday class, one or two exams (which requires  reviewing the last sessions), a final individual submission or a combination of some of them. All of that of course, parallel to your daily job.

So yes it is intense, but at the same time engaging, challenging and great. You’re not alone and your teammates help a lot to reduce the stress exchanging experiences, jokes whatever is necessary to keep the team moving forward.
5 months gone and still surviving, it’s amazing how motivation (and a little bit of adrenaline) can keep you on going. I’ll let you know if my survival skills sufficed to stay in the game. 😉

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