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Pablo Martinez
March 26, 2010

Veronique and I were discussing the reasons why we decided to study the GMBA On-line. Here is why…
Hi Veronique,
I guess we are supposed to talk about our motivations to study the Global MBA On-line, and try to answer some questions the readers might have. I suppose we all at GMBA2010 have different reasons to opt for an online MBA instead of a traditional one. Some of us don’t have any other chance due to geographical and professional circumstances. In my case, not many schools offered MBA programs in Vietnam, and I couldn’t afford to leave my job. Others, bless them, think on-line courses are easier, less demanding, while still carrying the value of such renown institution as IE. There are some that find on-line MBAs an appealing combination of top education with high-tech innovative learning approach. Many reasons.

So Veronique, why did you decide to study on-line? What’s your story?

It’s me Veronique 🙂 well, the original idea was really to get a degree which gives you and international recognizes standard level of education. I am from Germany, so with applying to any local or international active company they will first look to your education degree, where you get it from, and of what level of degree etc. So it was also a key decision for me not to choose just any school but one of the leading schools within the MBA segment. Actually, the funny thing I experienced, I really wanted to go for the MBA but I did not want to take a year off to live in a “bubble” like environment . And be sure I know it is like that, as my partner did a full time MBA on-campus and it was like they were all living in their own world….it was weird, as those guys were reading the FT every day but after one year did not had really forgotten about what real life is. On top of that they were told how great they are with their top-education…honestly, many of them really had trouble to get back to reality, into a normal working environment where they were just anyone and not in a limited circle of top students….okay…that was a loop so coming back to why I had chosen IE: I just wanted to continue my life as it was – even though I must admit it has changed drastically, still to the positive. I wanted to attend a top MBA school and I liked the idea of the structure with the technology sector though, as I know from my daily life at work that those tools we are using are becoming more and more important. So here I am…

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