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Ram Parasuraman
March 29, 2010

Finished the last gasp effort the final week of our previous module. It is Easter time, so we have a week off. This gives us more time to dream, more time to spend with family, catch up with friends, including those online, following this blog! Some recent Masters graduates are celebrating their graduation this week, Congratulations!

I mentioned dreams, so I will let you in on a dream or a vision if you’d like, on future students taking on the GMBA or other online offerings from IE. In this intake, we have the program director, Alvaro and the Executive assistant, Regina, doing due diligence distributing the textbooks and case books to students around the world.

What will they do in say, GMBA 2013? They’ll click a button that will ship an Apple iPad fIErce (or whatever fancy name Apple comes up with) to students around the world. These will come pre-loaded with all the text books for the first period of the course. It will also feature 1-click detailed bios, information on other students in your batch, professors and IE. There will be video introductions with full 360 degree views on their countries, their experience and expectations.

There will be a brand new IE Blackboard app to access campus online for the videoconferences and forums. Yes, there will be a new Safari browser extension that shows a tiny number on the status bar, indicating how many unread posts there are in the forum for each post and another number in green for the number of replies to your posts. For those who want a good “Work-Life” balance, there will be a productivity app, which will block access to Campus online after a given number of hours you have spent actively browsing it. After this, you will need a special key from your spouse or partner to give you access. No exceptions to weekly quotas, no matter how many assignments or deliverables you have! If you cheat with offline access, then yes, you take responsibility for your actions 😉

Hopefully, by then, Apple would have both, a Webcam and a Microphone built into the iPad. So, you can talk to your group via Skype with one click or participate in a live session without the need for any additional tools. Helpdesk people, Jesus and Paloma will be notified automatically if your internet connection is unstable or changed location from your previous log in..

By then, internet connections would be so fast and disk drives will be so cheap that bandwidth and storage will become an issue of the past in most countries. So, you can participate with high definition videos or show moving graphics with sheer ease, adding much more quality and possibly more distraction to the sessions 😉 Classes and projects can become much more interactive and group work will become very collaborative, just as if you were sitting around a table and working on a sandbox together. Forum “posts” maybe voice recordings with your opinion.. just as you would hear it sitting in class!

I can go on and on…. but better post a follow up to this in 2014, because reality is seldom what we dream it to be 😉 What do you all think?


Most creative insights. It would not be surprising though but may take a while longer than 2013.

Comment by Frank Paul Jr — March 29, 2010 @ 10:16 pm

Thanks Frank 😉

Comment by Ram Parasuraman — April 7, 2010 @ 6:26 am

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