IE Business School Online Masters
Ram Parasuraman
April 8, 2010

I’ve gotta be the first to admit it, doing a primarily online degree means automatically that you are a slave to technology, are committing to stay wired, okay or Wireless LANed to your router and accessing the internet almost 24/7! We become such reckless beings that we no longer understand humane things like “routine IT maintenance”.

Right now, for instance, Campus Online and the rest of IE has gone down perhaps for routine maintenance. But it is precisely at this time that you can’t hold yourself. You need to get on to Campus, this very minute. Nope, no sir. No excuses. Isn’t Internet supposed to be always on? How I can refrain my posting my golden thought! Of course, it will only be one of the 20 postings I will be putting up for my classmates to see during this course, but hey, information is time-sensitive. I might forget what I wanted to say or the intensity may wane once my son grabs me from behind to take him to the park you see ­čśë

So, jerks like me, begin to explore the root cause. First we try furiously , several times over to check the Campus Online page, with the same browser. Oh, it could be a browser issue, so I switch from Firefox to IE (Internet Explorer, silly!) and when that does not work, I download Google Chrome and try it. Still no luck! Should I download Safari???

No wait, I can try nope when that does not work, I know that it is something bigger. Sigh! There’s something else I MUST try, to see if the Online Masters’ blog is on and yes!!! It is! I get to post something now! This post that you are so patiently reading if you got down to this line ­čśë

It must have been that iPad that I used to access Campus online that set things off. Maybe I got something to post into the Apple user forums: “Websites go down in 72 hours!”… What has the GMBA done to me?? HELP!!!!!


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