IE Business School Online Masters
Pablo Martinez
April 16, 2010

Last week me and Veronique (one of those great people you meet on an MBA) were talking about the reasons to study IE’s Online GMBA. After we discussed about our impressions so far. As you can see Veronique likes talking more tan I do…


So Pablo, are your expectations being fulfilled


Most definitely. At the begging I was afraid it would be a MBA “light”, but it isn’t at all. When I talk to other people studying online degrees, you can see the different is massive. The following up, the constant assignments, deadlines, quizzes… I know it sounds like a nightmare, but I actually wanted that, but at the same time being able to combine it with my professional life. Of course, sleeping had to get out of the mix. What about your expectations?


Well we are half way through and I have learned or let’s say experienced a lot. The MBA will not make us brainier in several like Marketing or Financial Accounting.  That is wishful thinking and if you expect that you should not go for the MBA. They provide us with several tools we will be able to use in future, the profs challenge and strengthen our analytical skills and bring us to think differently and out of the box….Personally, I think the most valuable experiences we can gather are during the team discussions…this is a  real challenge!! Imagine we all are not the most stupid ones, highly motivated and on top of that pretty keen to push our individual ideas. So the discussions can be really interesting, having people from different background, level of experiences stating their opinion and finding a way the whole team can live with…

Well, we should actually talk about your experience with your group another time….so sorry, but after midnight in Germany and I need to finish the paper our group has to submit tomorrow at 8.00….let’s see if we get the A… :))


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