IE Business School Online Masters
Mia A. Gapuz
April 16, 2010

Its 4:30 am Manila Time. I have just finished my online session at the IE Online Campus. Tired? Not at all. Let me tell you about my online sessions today. I had three classes- Management Accounting, Search Engine Optimization and Virtual Companies & Legal Environment.

Before you react further. Yes, we do have Accounting Subjects. Actually there are two – Financial Accounting and Management Accounting. I used to find these subjects boring in College. It’s surprising that I find them so interesting in online instruction. Today, I learned Job costing, Process costing and Customer Profitability Analysis. This will be very useful for me for business decisions. You will understand better when you get to IE. 🙂

Search Engine Optimization. If you type your name or your company’s name in Google, do you see it in the first page? If not, you have a big problem there. This subject helps you make your site visible and accessible in the web.

Virtual Companies and Legal Environment. We had just talked about internet laws. We debated on hot issues like spamming, capping taxes on emails, content censorship and ISP liabilities. I was so passionate on the debate on email taxing. Would you want to be taxed for every email you send? Who would want it anyway?

Its nearly 5:00am, I feel I already need to sleep, but I’m still in the mood to finish a report on Branded Games. Yes, it’s one of the lessons for next week in a subject called Metaverses and Advergaming. Here we talk about virtual worlds like Second Life, Video Games, MMMPORG to kiddie game portals like Not to mention mobile phone games and the advertising opportunities within and surrounding them. Do you see billboards of branded products when you play videogames? Do you know that advertisers earn millions of dollars on these?

Tomorrow, Sunday, Yes! My free time to relax, do facebook or go someplace like the malls.

On Monday, still easy. No online sessions!

Anytime from Tuesday to Friday, I can log in and do my next weeks online sessions. We will talk about the reports we prepared the previous week. And the cycle goes on for 14 months.

Time constraint? Nah, its more of using your idle time in very useful ways, that is- learning.

Before you know it, you already have in your hands an international diploma, endless possibilities of online ventures and… a more credible you in the Digital World.

Regrets? definitely not!



Congratulations! You cracked the code in less than 8 weeks.

You said: “Time constraint? Nah, its more of using your idle time in very useful ways, that is- learning.”

You will do great with that attitude!

Good luck in this journey!


Leonardo Bittan
Former student of your Master in Digital Marketing Program (2009-2010)

Comment by Leonardo Bittan — April 18, 2010 @ 10:59 pm

Superb.. Congratulations

Comment by Million — April 19, 2010 @ 10:19 am

I always had a hard time with online classes – maybe it’s just being used to being in a classroom all these years, but I didn’t really like it. Glad to see that you’re getting a lot out of it though.

Comment by Lisa Rollins — May 6, 2010 @ 6:04 pm

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