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Ram Parasuraman
April 18, 2010

Hi there!

Lately it seems that the demand for IE’s GMBA is booming! It is humbling that this blog has been atleast an iota of inspiration of some students to explore IE’s quality offerings a bit deeper. Congratulations to my fellow bloggers, who I have to compliment are doing an excellent job!

Most of us are approaching our MBA posts in the present tense, Pablo and Veronique are approaching it in Past tense, I will go into the future tense for a bit.

I have been getting a lot of inquiries from prospective students who often are very curious about this MBA and they have a lot of good questions. So, I will try to post my replies to their questions which I sent via email right here… My dear colleagues, whether you are authors or readers, please weigh in with your thoughts and enrich this blog with yr comments. This will be an ongoing series and hopefully we can build it up to the point that IE can just refer prospective students to this blog to get their questions answered.. So here goes…

The first two questions and my personal opinions… it may be a bit US centric since the asker of these questions lives in the US, where IE GMBA is not as well known as local programs..

Q1. What is your overall assessment of the GMBA and your satisfaction level? Did you make the right decision to join IE?

A1. My overall assessment so far is excellent. It exceeded my expectations for an Online program. No doubts about it. I believe I absolutely made the right choice. For me, I was not enthused by the Online programs in the US even in otherwise well ranked schools like Indiana Kelley, UF Gough, ASU WP Carey, all of which offer Online MBAs. In these programs, I did not get a good feel for the staff that taught in these programs. In IE, the pool of staff for the Global MBA consists of top notch professors who take a very practical approach including the most recent industry examples, such as the financial credit crunch of 2008.

Q2. Do you think that the hefty (in my humble opinion) price tag is justified?

A2. I think this MBA is actually cheaper than most US MBA programs. So, yes price tag is justified for a renowned triple Accredited (AMBIS, EQUIS, AACSB) MBA degree.

Q3. Is the program offering the value you were looking for? (For example, if you were looking for strategic management skills are those being provided to you?)

A3. Yes, for sure. It is a well rounded program that offers good insight into Marketing, Strategy and Finance. But its specialty is entrepreneurship, which is well evident from the get go.

More Q&A coming soon… Until then, Take Care!

Copying Afueri’s cultural style 😉

வணக்கம் (Vanakkam) — Bye in Tamil, an ancient Indian language!


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