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Ram Parasuraman
April 21, 2010

As admission season is heating up, more questions… and more common themes between the line of questioning… so I will have to accelerate the rate of these posts to avoid more repetition for all of us GMBA students who are busy preparing our presentations for the upcoming forums and videoconferences.

The two courses we are in right now are very intensive and are requiring more group thinking than ever before… so I’ll try to keep this going without affecting my professional commitments, IE group commitments and of course for whatever is left, family and daddy commitments 😉

Q4. What do think of the value of a European MBA as compared to the top US programs in US?

A4. They are different and one could argue that Euro MBAs are not as in depth as US programs. But I think this is misguided. The truth is that European MBAs have all the depth packed into a shorter time frame and for good reason. Euro MBA programs admit senior students, ones that have accumulated much more experience than peer schools in the US. Thus, the learning curve is shorter thanks to the experience, diversity and the synthesis within a packed schedule. Like Speed-Read, I hope this intensive speed learning also stays longer.

Q5. Do you think that the GMBA will also help you for your future career progress?

If I did not think it would help my progress, I probably would not be undertaking this massive financial, social and professional commitment of doing the MBA. An MBA is an MBA, it equips you will a toolbox full of tools that fine tune and shape various facets of your personality. Some courses change the way you look at corporate strategy while others will help you improve economic perspective for starting or running a business and yet others may hone your networking or negotiation skills. All MBAs do this, but it is you that take these tools and use them to your career. How you do it determines to a large extent where you go.

Q6. Is the rating by FT, Economist, WSJ, Forbes and Businessweek justified? Do you think that the ratings are for their International MBA and Economist is the only one rating the GMBA?

I did not specifically look for a GMBA ranking as much as I did for an MBA ranking of the school. At the end of the day, it is only the method of delivery that is different. The degree certificate you get and the knowledge you gain should not be materially different. Online MBA format is still new and rankings have not taken this into serious consideration. So far, I only have good things to say about IE. I have not attended another MBA program, so it is tough for me to evaluate the rankings. But in conversations I have had with peer MBA students from some of the best MBA programs in the US, without risking self-aggrandizement, I can only say that my learning has been well on par with theirs in comparable courses.

Well, that’s it from me for today.. gotta head back to our presentation about an exciting topic on Social Networks. Catch you at the other end of the presentation. Until then, do keep your questions coming, either via email or better still, via the comments here.


Namaskar — Goodbye in the Indian National Language, Hindi


Mr. Ram,
Very useful in fact. I have some more questions, could you pls answer?

How do you spend your time in the week between mba and work? is it too hard? also is there significant presence of IE alumni and activities in US?

Comment by Kevin — April 24, 2010 @ 6:42 am

Hi Kevin,
It is very difficult to summarize as a comment, but this week, I am planning a post on “A Week in the Life of a GMBA” in which I hope to highlight this point in explicit detail, so please stay tuned.

Regards, Ram

Comment by Ram Parasuraman — April 27, 2010 @ 12:54 am

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Comment by speed reading programs — June 18, 2010 @ 9:22 am

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Comment by galih — September 10, 2015 @ 8:16 am

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Comment by kunia — September 10, 2015 @ 8:22 am
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