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Ram Parasuraman
April 29, 2010

Before I get into this edition of Q&A, let me get some Links posted:

— It was brought to my notice  that there was a thread on LinkedIn where several of our honorary GMBA alums including Mariel and Paul have posted their insights to some common questions, some of which I have answered here on this site as well. It gives you a few more viewpoints.

— Some of you asked, why I am starting with some weird numbers, like Q8 or Q9… it is because this is an ongoing series. Please review prior blog posts in this series: PartI, PartII, PartIII. On to Part IV now..


Q11. Is it a good move to do an MBA in a Spanish school, considering the financial crisis and recession ongoing in Spain now?

A11.  Interesting question actually. But I guess the answer depends on what you are planning to do after your MBA. If you are planning to embark on a full time MBA, living in Madrid and had plans to look for employment in Spain or elsewhere in Europe, then it might be a worthwhile question to pose and to do some analysis on backup options, whether you would be able to go back to your home country and get a better job with your MBA.

However, if you are planning to do a Global MBA or International Executive MBA from your home country, then I would say, it is actually a good time to be doing an MBA with a top school in Spain. Why? There are a number of good reasons:

  • Spain is learning each day from its experience, its “path dependency” as we like to call it in our strategy class. So, these learnings are brought to the classroom, both by our professors as well as our Spanish classmates. Jorge and Laura in our class are very concerned and brought some great insights into class discussions. We debated how things can improve, how such crises can be avoided and critiqued whether the steps that government is taking are enough, etc. At any other time and day, these valuable lessons would be lost on us, as we gloated in the glory of progress.
  • Considering that we are just emerging from a global recession, the quality of students in your class, and consequently, the competition for admission are both likely to be high. But the end result, if you get in, is that you are going to learn from the best of breed in your class!
  • Unlike in US schools, which are cutting down spending, boosting fees, etc.  IE Business School continues to invest through the downturn, expanding facilities, opening up new integration opportunities and improving its online collaboration tools.
  • Interest rates worldwide are quite low now, so you are probably in a good shape to borrow for tuition 😉
  • You are helping out Spanish economy by spending your tuition on a Spanish school. That’s gotta count towards your “asset” side in your goodwill (T) account!

Q12. I’ve read plenty of negative comments about IE in Business Week Exchange forums, e.g. it does not deserve the ranking, its quality of students is poor, it admits everyone? Didn’t these bother you?

A12. Well how can I respond to such a question? Take a great human like Angelina Jolie or Bill Gates or a great company such as Google or Apple, if you Google them for opinion, do you expect to find only glowing and good things being said about them? I guess not. Whenever someone or an institution is very famous, it is bound to be the target of some criticism and a lot of praise. So take it with a pinch of salt and decide for yourself on what to believe and what to debate or even ignore.

The very publication you mention, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, has awarded IE a top-10 ranking. Wall St Journal, The Economist and Financial Times have consistently awarded IE high honors. You can see it here in this blog, from so many authors from so many different nations and backgrounds talk high about IE in one voice. We are not drugged or hypnotized into saying these things.  But don’t take our word for it. Attend an IE event, talk to its personnel, visit the Campus or even try to find some videos on Youtube featuring Dean Santiago and then make an informed decision. I wish you luck and if you need a honest student opinion, you can always ask any of us.

Until next time, I’m signing off

पुन्हा भेटू

(Until we meet again, in Marathi, a 1300 yr old Indian language)


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