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Ram Parasuraman
May 1, 2010
Admissions season heating up.. the climate around us heating up.. time to get this Q&A series heated up as well!

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Now, on to Part 5…

Q13. I understand that IE utilizes the Adobe Connect platform to collaborate online, what other tools does IE uses to bring the students together?
A13. Yes, IE uses Adobe connect and the online discussion forums. It also offers an Adobe Virtual networking room where any of us can jump in and have a virtual meeting. This class is a great one and we are pushing the boundaries on IE’s offerings. Good thing is that they are a young university and are pretty open minded. You can also sign up for a virtual information session, where you can get a first hand experience of the system.
Q14. I am looking to get a good mix of practical management and leadership skills from the program, can the program deliver?
A14. Yes, for sure. Instruction and coursework are very practical, easily applicable. You can reference the list of courses here. As you will see, the first modules will focus on building blocks and then we transition on practical application of a combination of the skills you pick up along the way. The Entrepreneurship project will put it all together.

Q.15. Even though I will not be using the degree to make career changes or use it for immediate career progression, but will the degree help me in my long term career goals, for example, opening doors for upper management positions in the next 5 years?
A.15 Like I said in response to an earlier question, it is mostly up to you, i.e. your personality, your skills, your experience and your network on how far you take any MBA. Of course, there are no guarantees for anything, since our external environment is changing as we speak. We cannot control the economy, industry trends, etc. But the key is to develop and use a good skillset and to develop a great global network. IE equips you for both of this, yes it is not as popular in USA as yet to leverage your network, but you do enjoy the opportunity to be an early mover into this potent network. As long as you are confident that you can make it based on your skillset and the license that a global MBA degree gives you, there should not be an issue.
Q16. If you are the CEO of a company asked to hire a Director for your new company and you get two resumes from different candidates with similar industry experience with one having an MBA from UC Berkeley and the other a GMBA from IE whom would you consider for the position knowing what you know about GMBA and obviously not being biased towards it?

A.16 Good question. These days I am playing pretend CEO a lot, thanks to our professor’s questions along a similar line ;)Just like they say when we apply for an MBA, that a GMAT score alone does not make or break a deal, similarly where the person did an MBA from alone should never dictate an informed decision. I would for sure evaluate the length and relevance of experience to my company profile. If you were to say all else is the same, then I would hire the Berkeley person if this position were based on a US company and required an Operations, Technology or Real Estate based expertise, on the other hand if it required International Management and Collaboration across several countries in a Finance, Marketing or Entrepreneurial capacity, I would go for the IE guy.

Q17. Have you attended any of the integration days and are they worth attending?

A17. Unfortunately for me, I have been unable to attend the integration days so far. But many of my classmates have attended and I will let them comment on this in the comments section. These sessions offer a very good opportunity to observe your learnings put into practice in the context of different countries and companies worldwide. It is a great feature of our Global MBA and you get to meet alums working in the countries you visit. It is a good professional networking and a culturally enriching exercise.Okay.. got to run for a Group Discussion, but until next time… नमस्कार


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