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Belén Fernandez
May 12, 2010

I would like to share a thought I had the other day.

Are you familiar with the little story about some frogs that were in “warm” water? It felt so good at the beginning. Then, the temperature was increasing very, very slowly. The frogs didn’t realize they were being “cooked” and all died at the end. O_O

Why on earth are you talking about frogs when this blog is supposed to be about the IXMBA experience? (I know what you are just thinking now… he he).

Ok, I explain myself: I just realized that the workload in this MBA is increasing slowly but steadily. I am a pretty organized person, and checking what I have to do this week (and what I should have done last week too) I just “saw the light”. The MBA’s first period is aimed to align different backgrounds and experiences to a same level of theoretical knowledge (at least this is my perception). Now in this second online period, once we get used to the “temperature” of the first period…the workload is increasing continuously…as it is the complexity of the cases we are studying.

Of course, this phenomenon has two possible readings: A positive one, in which we all are becoming able to face increased pressure and becoming more efficient (achieving more in less time), or a more negative reading, in which all of us will be “dead” by July, hehehe. Hoping it is the positive one!

So, if you are thinking about embarking in this International IXMBA, yeap, you should know that you will become much more efficient… if you survive 🙂



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