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Ram Parasuraman
May 28, 2010
I had to write about this!

One of my favorite TV Shows, 24 had a season finale recently and just when I was wondering what I was going to watch in its slot, there came another 24 in our lives! In Financial Management! Over the past week, we had an assignment in which we were required to prepare a bulk load of Financial Statements, 24 to be precise! 2 sets for each Month!!

I have mentioned earlier that I love the pressure, which should be read as, “I am a procrastinator and need to get my a$$ on fire to get going!”. So, I found myself have a little over 48 hours to finish up the assignment. As I was sizing it up, we were having some animated discussions in our course forums. The wording had a unique twist. Some of us even wanted to “Call the Banker” — Those reading from the US will say that now we’re moving from Fox to NBC, to the Show “Deal or No Deal“.

Drawing inspiration from the forums, I did call a Banker, my dad, to get clarification on some loan terms! Competitive Advantage you think?? Well he added a different twist, aptly spiced with an Indian flavor and some Middle Eastern bank jargon.  Now, although I understood what he was referring to was a credit line in lieu of a loan to raise Working Capital, there was no time to explain the whole case to him and I didn’t want to get biased by his opinion. After all, the Spanish case writer might have  been thinking differently 😉 Darn, I should have started earlier! Anyways, at almost midnight, armed with my favorites from Indian, Caribbean and African fast beat folk music, I began cutting into those Balance sheets!!

At the end of it all, there was a mere sigh of relief and some hi-fi’s with mates over Facebook on having crossed another testing exercise! Phew!… No pumping of the fists, No yelling out in joy, like I used to enjoy at the end of every single Balance Sheet, P&L and Cash Flows during the early Financial Accounting course! 😉 We are evolving as individuals, as a class, learning to do “more in less” time.

Of course, with a Global MBA, one shortcoming and the thing I miss most at the end of all this is, going out for Beer with classmates to chill off… We certainly are having our own beers today… but we need “accrual accounting” to celebrate together for all of this in December! You guys hearing me?? That is one balance we have to conquer! 😉

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