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Belén Fernandez
July 4, 2010

On Friday the online lessons were over…we only have the third face-to-face period in Madrid left…and we will graduate!

Feelings are mixed (at least in my case): on one hand you feel relief: “finally… it is over… ;-)”  and on the other hand you feel the pressure of the final stretch: “oh dear…final presentations, final reports and final exams are too close!”

Only one week to prepare everything…not enough time…again.

Then, I start to organize how I am going to spend this wonderful week (without classes means extra time) so I am able to review everything (I think: literally impossible), to do the group reports I am assigned, to do my individual reports and to prepare everything to go to Madrid (hopefully I currently live close to Madrid…I cannot imagine people who has a 15-hours flight or even longer to Spain)

Hmmm…it looks like I will need to follow this advice from one of our Professors (Mark Fritz) who send us weekly “encouragement”. I quote literally (so all the credit goes for him, as it should):

“NOT IF, BUT WHEN – 9th July

There are two mindsets within people, with one making things happen, and the other hoping it happens. It’s summarised with “if or when”. You have the “if” people who hope it happens, but don’t take any action. The “when” people know it is only a matter of time, and they take action in order to make it happen sooner rather than later.”

Good…feeling energized now. I will do my best at scheduling when I am going to “attack” the different assignments and hope (ahem, there is still a part of me that needs to hope, he he) that “my best” will be good enough.

I will let you know how this ends….but for  now I wanted all of you to have a realistic view of how good your “time management skills” will be at the end of your MBA :-). Of course, if you have any suggestion….please, don’t be shy and bring it in 😉

Belén…getting mentally ready for the “final meters” in this “MBA marathon”. As the Spanish soccer team usually says: A POR ELLOS!!! 🙂


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