IE Business School Online Masters
Ihab Robert Barsoum
July 27, 2010

Hi All, I’m still alive! And amazingly have gone through this program with very little bruises! Graduation was last week. Full of emotions and camaraderie! Would not trade those moments for anything in the world! …
First, let me step back for a second and tell you about my final project preparation: We had to get into teams of 2 or 3 maximum to do a final presentation in front of a jury, during the last presential period in Madrid. Although we knew what we had to work on a month in advance, most people did not do anything until the weekend before the presentation! … Well, readers of this blog already know it: There’s simply no time to do things in advance! … My team and I had a couple of day-long jam sessions, where we dissected the case, implementing everything we learned, from company valuations, to SCM to HR, considering different strategic scenarios and their implications. It was a lot more than what I’m used to experience in design sessions at work because we covered a broader array of fields. Those sessions revealed how far we’ve come along since 14 months ago … It was simply a really enjoyable intellectual moment! … A special shout out to Sean and Fernando! Thank you gentlemen!
Now back to the graduation … and the parties! 🙂 … It’s amazing how human nature prevails and adapts … although the duration was short, at the end we were still capable of making great friends (for life of course!)… I’m pretty sure the group won’t be able to get together in one place again, given that we’re dispersed in more than 15 different countries, but we now belong to the club, and I know wherever I go in the world I’m guaranteed to find an IE friend to have a beer with!
It’s been a fantastic and enriching experience; the acquired knowledge goes far more beyond the description of the courses listed in the curriculum. I know we’re a lot stronger today than we were 14 months ago, and ready to conquer the world! 🙂 … My wife and kids are very happy to get me back … and I’m thrilled at the thought of being able to go back to a “normal” life!
Be well, and “bon courage” to all of those in the program … enjoy the moment!


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