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Ram Parasuraman
August 11, 2010
The transition into holiday mode is now complete! It wasn't easy and took some work and yes…. there were "FORUM WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS". My classmates no doubt know by now that I am a "Forum Freak", someone who almost lives in the Online Forums throughout the day, making it almost a "Double Time" MBA for me. At home, work, outings, via mobile — all Check! I am always on the forums… why? By sheer habit. I just hate having to read 100 emails or in this case, posts at the same time. I am much more comfortable with 5 or 10, no more. My attention span is quite small. I can't spend too much time on any one subject for too long. So, I end up multi-threading several tasks and making steady progress on each. After our Operations Management course, I am coming up with ideas to improve via process batching as the "switching costs" (not in strategy parlance) are turning to be quite high.┬á

But over the past two weeks, I am left with a weird void… nothing to switch to! No forums, no classes, no projects, not even friends on chat!!! Would you believe it? In the first week of vacation, almost each day, just out of sheer muscle memory, I went online into Campus online only to remember that it was down time! Luckily I was not so crazy as to spend more than a few seconds online. But this is the classic equivalent of the feeling we get on campus, when it is vacation time and I am the last one waiting for my train back home. Only here, there is no train to catch ­čśë Murphy's law however would ensure that down time in campus would be a peak time at work.. so have not been completely switched off, but am getting plenty of time off in relative terms. Over the course of several professional interactions, I find myself changed considerably over the past 11 or so months. The way I listen more, the way I frame my arguments, the way I think, the facts I demand, etc.

This vacation experience almost gives me a preview of how boring it is going to be in the life after MBA and after the celebrations, vacations and parties. In short, the MBA experience rocks!!

The IE Global MBA from an adVENTUREous California GMBA Q&A

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