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Ram Parasuraman
September 20, 2010
Those who have seen the Disney movie, “The Lion King”, would probably know what I am talking about in the heading, “Circle of Life”. This refers to the circular characteristics of life, as do the characteristics of a day from dawn to dusk and then a new beginning, a new dawn… The life of a Program Director, the Admissions committee, the professors and even this blog, is no different. In late September each year, there are new “faces” and “names” that pop up in Online Videoconferences and forums.. talking just as feverishly as we were, a year ago, about “The Case Method” via the “Dashman Case”.. they are instantly immersed into working with their teams, learning about the online ground rules, how to respect each other, etc. They have a real fun road ahead of them, the same one we walked. They may take a footstep here or there and explore into the woods through unchartered territory, but the experience will be totally enriching and eye-opening!

After a year, much has changed! In contrast to the rather “innocent” or “innocuous” cases that we were exposed to at the start of the course, we now dwell into each case and each assignment in a much deeper analysis. We value firms, we design organizational structures, we understand behaviors, we talk about leadership. A year in the GMBA seems like 5 or more in the real world outside it. You are exposed to so many topics, subjects, cases, reports, presentations and issues that some of us would have never seen in our entire lives before and perhaps will never see in our forthcoming professional experience. The variety and intensity of the issues never waver. They just keep getting better and better, even if harder.
This has already been an experience of a life time, which I got to share with you, my readers in this blog via my various posts. But as with the “Circle of Life”, as dusk is upon my MBA experience, new bright and aspiring blog authors, who will no doubt have a much fresher experience will have to take my place in this blog. I hope that these posts have been informative and useful to you in one way or another. So, from me, it is  “au revoir”. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions on the GMBA or just want to say “Hi”. Please write me at or follow me @r008 in Twitter.

Update: I will blog on until Graduation as per request! So.. game still on! 😉

The IE Global MBA 2010 Ram Parasuraman


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