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Ram Parasuraman
November 6, 2010

Hey again!! This is an exciting time for the "tenses" a la English Grammar! Why?

Tenses: Past, Present and Future. 

Right now, in our GMBA Class of 2010, there are no "Future" courses in our Course list!! There's no future! Does that feel good?? In many ways, YES!! As it puts into perspective how far we've come… thinking back a year ago, "Everything was in the Future", there was no "Past" and 2 in the "Present"!! Talk about a total "phase reversal" or a 180-degree shift! 

In terms of recent development, we just finished a couple of exciting "Penultimate" module of courses on "Supply Chain Management" and "Marketing Strategy". Both were a roller-coaster ride with expert professors who kept us on the edge through each session. For someone who has mostly worked on Technical Management, both these courses were eye-openers. Many of my classmates might be wondering how much more of my "eye" there is to open. I have said this for Finance, Economics, Operations, parts of Marketing and Strategy and Organization Psychology. I know you are probably thinking I must be totally oblivious to a range of subjects, but I think there is a trend and perhaps without too much generalization, we can conclude that the MBA is most beneficial to someone who has had a career of "deep" but not "wide" experience and by extension, for someone who has worked on "one field or industry" but not many, someone who has lived and worked in one country but not many. 

Whichever way I think about it, my decision to do an MBA and to do it at IE seems fully justified considering the amount of learning. My toolbox which at the beginning had tools exclusively from my prior experience and academic preparation has molded over the year as a more balanced toolkit from my experience and my prior coursework. The final stretch is upon us, many of us are tired, but draw inspiration that the countdown to graduation day keeps ticking on… we are getting real close now, just 2.5 courses to go now!!  

Until next time… Adios Amigos!!

The IE Global MBA 2010 Ram Parasuraman


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