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Michael Tetu
November 22, 2010

“Mike, there’s no good time to go back to Grad School.” So my mother said to me about nine months ago. She’s right, but like anything, you have to get moving in that direction to become a student in the first place.
You are reading these blogs to get some good information on what this on-line program is all about. I did the same. And the blogs convinced me to apply and to eventually say “yes” to IE’s offer to attend.
I’m in the International Executive MBA Online in English from Nov 10 to Dec 11. We just finished our first two weeks together (one of three “presential periods”) in Madrid last week. It was an incredible experience on all fronts. Here are some of my observations, take-aways, and advice (in no particular order) to give you some perspective on what you are researching:
–If you are thinking about coming to IE, you need to get the application in. Allow yourself to consider their acceptance offer by getting your packet in early. The financial aspects of funding this program look intimidating, but if you plan to work with sources in the Spanish system, the more time you have to coordinate, the better you will be. You can’t win a lottery until you buy a ticket.
–I read on a previous blog that if you can’t time-manage, you will certainly learn how to do so in a very short period. That is accurate advice still. Your own personal organizational skills (along with your people skills) will go a long way in making sense of the course structure and volume of work up front as well as getting help from your peers once it starts.
–Your classmates will be (as mine are) an incredible collection of self-motivators, achievers, and visionaries who have lengthy and impressive personal and professional accomplishments. Their energy is contagious. They feed off of your inputs and personal history and you can’t wait to get more of theirs. From expertise in a specific accounting subject area to how to go about starting your own business, everyone brings talent and experience–and patience–to this class.
–Everyone in the program WANTS to be in the program. No one is here against their will. That gives some measure of the class chemistry and the amount of effort given forth from the individual for the betterment of the group.
–Despite the grind of a heavy workload, distractions from real-world work/employment, or even family, there is a spirit of unity and that “we are all in this together.” No one “tries out” for the team; we’re all in from the moment we arrive. The class chemistry is instantly cohesive, which is an amazing accomplishment in any organization.
–You are treated like an adult from the moment you arrive. The IE staff extend the best hospitality and at the same time are very clear in describing their expectations to you. Many have already been through the program (or another IE Masters) themselves, so they understand what they are asking us to do. They are approachable, personable, warm, professional, and accommodating. They are essential to helping you understand the program and to assuage any fears or concerns.
–The instructors are superb. They too treat you like an adult; they are very comfortable with the on-line format; they bring energy to the classroom that we know will carry over into the group discussions on-line. Very, very impressive collection of international professors.
–This is one of the best personal decisions I have made in a decade. The challenge seems intimidating on some days; other times it’s something you cannot get enough of. The energy factor is always present–you feel a pull to contribute, to learn, and to get to the next challenge.
–Stephen Adamson told me that the relationships that are forged in the online program endure for many years afterward, primarily because the students are so comfortable staying in touch over distances and with various media. That says a great deal.
Please let me know any questions you may have, and I’ll also update this every few weeks or as events warrant. I strongly encourage you to apply if you have the slightest urge to seek an IXMBA. It’s just too good of an opportunity to miss out.
Best to you all, y saludos de Madrid–
Mike Tetu


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