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Ram Parasuraman
December 18, 2010

Congratulations Global MBA Class of 2010…

With those words from the announcer at the Graduation Ceremony, the 15 month metamorphosis from MBA students to solid Business Graduates was completed! But in a continuum, where there is a completion, there is a new beginning. We stand here at the completion of an indelible experience of interfacing with a diverse student group. An end to solving printed and prepared tough to crack cases in various subjects ranging from Finance and Marketing to Operations and Human Resources. We will replace one ball in the rigorous juggling of balancing work, family, fitness and studies, i.e. the last one, with facing real world challenges. We will replace printed cases with real ones, we will replace diverse student group with a diverse workforce. Change is in the air. So, it is only natural that we are taught Change Management towards the end of the course, taught by a fine man at that!

The most notable part of our final stretch was our Entrepreneurship projects, the capstone of the program, the evidence of the effectiveness of the programs on our critical thinking, strategic vision, financial valuation and business planning. Without any hesitation, I can say that all 10 projects that we had in our final presentations were great ideas! Some were not entirely new ideas, but brought in a new business model. Some were just plain hit out of the park whilst others involved out of the box thinking or solving an unfulfilled need. Not only were the Business plans themselves great, but also the way the presentations were delivered were mindblowing! Being a member of the penultimate group to present, I was genuinely impressed by what I saw and at the same time, very, very nervous! 😉 This is hard core stuff!

The 2nd period of our face to face interaction was much deeper, much more involved than the first one, where we were starry eyed newbies trying to make sense out of the complexity of our classmates’ names. Now, not just the names, but also what interests our classmates, their opinions about key issues or even their final forum posts are all stored in “instant recall memory”. It was a rewarding experience meeting everyone, reliving battle tales and some fond memories. We made promises to stay in touch, to act as sounding boards for each other, to discuss an odd case or two if we get too nostalgic and to meet up when we are in any of our friends’ towns or countries.

The gentleman who delivered the keynote speech for our Graduation ceremony said, “your true friends are those who you can call at 4am to discuss anything!” and a well known networking expert said, “if you can identify 5 friends at the end of your MBA program, who you will keep in touch with for 5 years or more, consider the experience as a grand success!”. On both counts, I can easily say, the Global MBA transcends its format and we have had a very successful experience on any count! I have made some true friends in this program who I have no doubt, I will keep in touch with regularly.

For current students, I only have one message, “Enjoy your experience to the fullest, succeed and help succeed”. MBA and life at large is all about teamwork, without a solid team behind you, you are nothing! This experience is not about competition or proving your point, it is about seeing the world with different eyeglasses, at different angles, zooming in from diverse perspectives and at the end, learning a boatload from each case, each course, each period and the MBA program.


My dear friends from S1 and S2, it was my true honor to go through this remarkable experience with you. I have learned so much from you all that I need 15 or more months to remember and test what I have learned ;)) In particular, my dearest cohorts in the 3 groups that I have been a part of, The Red Pandas of Period 1, The Dragon Warriors of Period 2 and the EDUpreneurs of AKASA, you guys totally ROCK!!!!

My heartfelt thanks to Alvaro Garcia, our patron throughout the program, the man who gave us “courage” when we needed it, “encouragement” when we were stressed out, “empathy” in dealing with all the issues that life during an MBA throws at you, a “cultural tour” of his birth city when we came in and “rewards” when we achieved results. The amount of dedication that Alvaro brings in to the Global MBA is unparalleled and we are fortunate to have had him on our side. Alvaro, you are the best program director of any academic program I have been through over 3 degrees in 3 continents, Kudos Alvaro!!

Many thanks to Stephen Adamson, Director of admissions for his help and patience in answering all questions that we had during the admissions process and then on, for being a “friend, philosopher and guide” for all of us throughout the program. My thanks to Regina Venegas, Crystal Taylor and Martha Teacher for their professionalism, thoroughness and prompt communications on all enrollment, coursework and graduation requirements. My thanks to our friendly neighborhood IT specialist at IE Help Online, Jesus Poza! Three Cheers to Jesus!!! Where would we be without Jesus on our side? Cheers Jesus for all your help in preparing our online presentations, polls and for timely resolution of all technical issues and for the countless “testing” we have done under your tutelage! Thanks a lot!!! Thanks also to IE Virtual Librarians and Student Office personnel who have sparked into action the moment we report a problem or seek their help. These technology players are key to the success of an online program!

Most of all, thanks to all our dear professors who have made this experience as rewarding as it is. Without their selfless exposition of their knowledge and experience, where would we be? They have played a great role in making this a learning experience for us.

And with those words…. I will conclude my final post as student in this blog! Do keep in touch with me via email: for any IE related questions I can help answer. Thanks Sanela for giving me the opportunity to contribute and hope that I have lived up to your expectations!


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