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Borja López
June 9, 2011

It has taken a long time, but many big brands and multinationals have realized the true value of their followers as potential customers. The problem is that users are reacting much faster than the brands and the evolution of the use of different tools is still infinitely faster than most brands. So, what is the problem here? Well, it’s no longer enough to listen to what users say, brands will now have to offer up a part of the value of the brand in order to enhance the user participation in this process of value creation.

The question is whether these brands are ready to transfer that power and allow users to participate in their success, or not. Another good question would be if these brands would allow their values ​​to fluctuate, change or evolve at the pace their followers/users would like

Which came first: the chicken or the egg? Who defines the primary value of a brand? Do they define it themselves, or is it their users? Can the value of a brand remain static? Although there are some exceptions that prove the rule, it’s difficult and often counterproductive because the brand today is what the followers want it to be.
So why not enhance that possibility so that the brands may also benefit from this? Why not lead by example using our mission and vision as a brand? If we are innovative, why not create an innovative framework in which we can all innovate together? That’s the main reason why I think that the campaign launched by Google to promote their products is great from head (vision of the company) to toe (its users). The campaign is called “Demo Slam” and throws the challenge to fans and followers of the brand to make the best use they can think of the different Google products and technologies.

Risky? Maybe. Innovative? It is. The result? We’ll see…

I personally believe, that the future lies in giving more and more importance to users, customers or supporters. There is no better way to demonstrate confidence in your brand and what is more, confidence in your followers … they will appreciate and reward you with loyalty and recommendation.

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