IE Business School Online Masters
Ajay Swamy
November 28, 2012

The Beginning 15 Months ago!And then there were none!

Courses that is. That’s right; we’re currently in the midst of the last 2 courses of our Global MBA. The words super excited, almost there, cannot wait, woo hoo, party etc. have made their way in frequent conversations with my GMBA colleagues. A few weeks ago we completed Marketing Strategy and Supply Chain Management classes and we’re currently in the midst of Human Resources Management (HRM) and Management Control. These last 2 courses culminate with our final pitch for Entrepreneurship in the last residential week in Madrid.

Management Control is a fantastic course which along with Entrepreneurship really brings together everything we’ve learned in the GMBA.  Along with HRM, Management Control focuses on strategic planning & management, performance management and control. It’s about all the essential skills you need to be a successful senior manager. HRM brings a humanistic, people management perspective and once again IE’s combination of courses means we can use concepts learned across the 2 classes to really add depth.

The schedule for our final week in Madrid looks fascinating. We will be exploring a variety of issues from corporate social responsibility to leading change and cultures of Middle East, India, China and Japan – finally concluding with career development and of course graduation! To keep up with the tradition, our GMBA class this year is throwing a dinner & party for all of our families and friends and of courses our esteemed professors, advisors and the staff at IE who helped with the program this year.

Recently, I was asked “Are you looking forward to graduation?” While the answer was a resounding Yes, I have to admit I will miss the interaction & knowledge sharing with my esteemed colleagues. The value added by my class mates through this MBA journey is much cherished and now I truly understand why IE makes a conscious effort to embrace intelligent diversity. It really challenges your perspectives. With that said I cannot wait for Madrid – the classes, the after class tapas and vino and of course spending time with colleagues with whom I shared this profound and challenging journey.

Don’t worry, I’m not done yet! Look forward to my update after graduation. Thanks for reading.


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