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Afueri Edeki Afueri Edeki
"With education from Scotland, Nigeria and Ghana; being given the opportunity to include the No.6 Business School in the world, IE Business School, was and is a great personal milestone.

My MBA pursuit began after 2 years working in a multinational organisation, I realised in order to compete and achieve my personal & career goals I needed MORE!

My bachelor's degree is in Computer Science and I currently work as an IT Business Analyst with Shell Nigeria. I live in the energetic city of Lagos, Nigeria and when I'm not now reading for the MBA program :) I love sports/aerobics, teaching, and travelling!"

Afueri Edeki
August 2, 2010

Wow…I won’t even mince words when I say the last month or two before our break were stress packed!!! The 2 courses, feasibility study research and write-ups, pitch presentation, and throw in our 9-5pm jobs back at home!?!? After that, I know I can read, analyse, plan, schedule and just plain cross my fingers through nearly anything this life has to throw at me 🙂

Today I’ll touch on one thing…our Pitch Presentation for our various Business Plans (part of our Entrepreneurship Course). For those of us that don’t know, each team had 2weeks to complete a feasibility study on their chosen business venture and give a 5minute pitch presentation to woe our potential customers, investors and partners. The S1 entrepreneurship teams, in my opinion, amazed each other! One line rang through nearly every teams presentation; environmentally conscious, healthy living without lowering basic human standards. A true statement of how much environmental issues spreads across continents.

I found it amazing that was there not only a fervent zeal to impress and convince but our human nature to compete came alive! Tension running up to the final presentations were evident, in and outside the teams but thankfully it took interteam networking, reassuring words, encouraging dry runs, and a fight or two 😉 to keep the ideas rolling at an infectious energy level!

…10 months down, 5 to go…

No wahala, we dey kamkpe!
(“…we stand strong, there’s no problem” in Nigerian ‘Creole’)

Afueri Edeki
April 9, 2010
The Power of Teamwork!

It’s a reality for us GMBAers that we have to put 120% behind work activities and that of our MBA, so how do we balance both? “It’s impossible”, do I hear? “There has to be a trade-off, I mean something’s gotta give”. Well to me it’s simple: Teamwork.

This underrated word rings new meaning to me on so many levels these days. Not that I haven’t been appreciative in the past but mulling over the last few months I have come to be more grateful to say the least. Let me paint my current situation from two angles:

WORK: Deadlines fast approaching, first quarter performance reviews, project status updates, executive engagement sessions, customer requests that they wanted “yesterday”…

MBA: New subjects to familiarise with, Individual report due in 2days, 2 team assignments due this week, 1 still undone, 3 articles unread, 2 pending for the following week…

Now the difference between both “lives” for me at the moment is that in my MBA, I’m part of a team. With the amount of work you’re faced with you have to be able to depend on others to achieve that goal: they pick up your slack, cover for you when you can’t deliver, sacrifice their time and sleep, offer to discuss points you don’t understand, show you where you went wrong…the list is endless. Even if you’re used to working on your own or never failing to meet deadlines; with our current schedule, this is the way to achieve that 120%.

You just don’t see it till you list everything you have to deliver.
THEN do you realise the reality in which you live (…or maybe throw in a quiz or three!).

Afueri (O da bo: Good bye in Yoruba)
Dedicated to the A-Team! (S1, GMBA 2010) 😉

Afueri Edeki
April 4, 2010
GMBA-Scene1, Take1, Action!…

I’ve been putting off my first post for a while wondering how to start, what to say, what to share and what not to! Well I’ve decided to take the Blogs Title as my inspiration “living ie online masters”. So there will be many posts from me about my MBA life online but it’ll be kept short and very informal “not more than 8 lines per post and 4 posts per week” 😉

So a little intro: This is my 6th month in IE and literally it feels like yesterday when I had my phone interview with Stephen laughing over Nigerians being one of the happiest people in the world! 🙂 Needless to say I proved that saying right after getting my acceptance. I started planning; thinking I’d have time to learn Spanish, write blogs, travel every other month…well out of this list I’m just getting to the first right now!

The global MBA is harder than any course you may venture into and the challenge is exhilirating to say the least. Most people are discouraged in completing a course online and now I have a habit of clearing up this view. I just state the fact; I’m completing a full time MBA with a different mode of delivery. Assignments due with deadlines, participation in classes, team meetings, professors guiding learning, structure with spontaneity…its all the same. As though I sat in a room on a campus somewhere…but there’s one big difference in the GMBA. Real time practice!

Everyday each student gets to apply in real-time what they’re learning! No downtime, no “theory now, practical later”…real life is taking place and the GMBA has made it possible to simultaneously apply and grow in the path you’ve chosen or help you in changing paths, why wait a year to do that!?

Well now I’ve done exactly what I hoped I wouldn’t do…”defend” the GMBA.
It doesnt need defending, the results do and will continue to speak for itself! So on that note…

O di aaro (good night in Yoruba)

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