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Elena Ibáñez Elena Ibáñez
Disfruto mucho innovando, traspasando límites. Me divierte aprender y retarme cada día, salir de mi círculo de comfort. Soy vespista y padelera, me interesa el arte contemporáneo y me emocionan cosas como la ópera y la risa de Teo.

En lo profesional me dedico a desarrollar estrategias digitales encaminadas a optimizar la presencia online de las marcas para las que trabajo, gestionando proyectos de reputación tanto personal como empresarial, redes sociales, proyectos interactivos, blogmarketing, buscadores, blogging, apps y monitorización en la red. Mi reto es movilizar la opinión de terceros hacia un producto, marca o persona y conseguir una mejor presencia en los entornos digitales. Mi background en publicidad multidisciplinar optimiza la integración de proyectos digitales en estrategias globales de comunicación de marca.

Elena Ibáñez
July 28, 2009
Time to rest, time to think

Our first period is coming to an end, the hot is getting stronger and it is time for all of us to think about the decision we made, the output of these first months…
In my case I have to say that I am the first surprised person. Five months have passed by since that day when I first met my colleagues from all over the world and now I can say I became myself a different person. My approach to the digital world has totally changed, now I really know what I am talking about and the best thing I got is that I’m now prepared to “lucubrate” about the last digital acquisitions, the new successful launches and the coming trends. Now I remember one day when I went to see Manuel Alonso Coto and he told me “don’t worry, Elena, with this master you’ll be absolutely prepared to speak properly about the digital business in several months” and now I know he was right. In only these five months all of us got the big picture and I keep on with my own blog :o)
And of course I know that we just began but the more I learn, the deeper I want to fly because this world is exciting and in my opinion, the IE really knew, not only how to transfer the knowledge but to transfer also this attraction for the digital business.
I won’t lie, I’m starting my vacations really tired but also very happy for the changes I saw in my peers and in myself, and specially for the months that are yet to come….
Good holidays for everybody!!!

Elena Ibáñez
April 16, 2009
The first six weeks in the Digital Marketing Master

This is my first post in the IE Blog and I’m still asking myself if I will be able to write about all my feelings on this experience in just several lines… I guess not, but I’ll try.

This Master in Digital Marketing began in March, so we’ve gone through only 6 weeks. I’m an advertising agency professional who comes from the off-line world, so you can imagine that at the beginning of this course I didn’t know a thing about the digital world. Well, I’ve been a heavy user in the last 10 years but that’s all, I never had a professional approach on this. And how do I feel know?

I’m absolutely amazed with the learning curve of this Master. Suddenly I feel I can speak nearly about anything digital! Yes, I still know very little, but I don’t have this off layer anymore. In fact, I have decide to build up my own blog! Who would have said it just two months ago? Not me, you can be sure of that! :o)

And how have we been able to feel like this in only 6 weeks? I think because of two main factors:

The topics we are studying: we are going deep into e-advertising trends, advergaming, legal aspects of digital companies, SEO, SEM… So there’s nothing missing related to this digital world!
The scalability of the master: here you learn what YOU want to learn, nobody is putting the limits on the learnings, the contents are out there and it’s up to you how quick do you want to progress. This is a real challenge for me, because most of the alumni of my class are not natives but at least have a digital professional experience so they all put a brilliant level in class. The truth is that it’s been really hard for me to match their knowledge in so little time. But you can believe me, it’s been incredible up to now, and I’m very proud of this improvement.

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