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Jerzy Chlebowski Jerzy Chlebowski
Jerzy Chlebowski, M.Sc. Eng. IT of Technical University of Lodz, Poland.

From 2001 working as New Business and Project development at Mistubishi Corporation Warsaw.

Business development in following fields of economy in Poland and in the region:
- energy sector – privatizations of electricity production and distribution, IPP and PPP projects, investigations and research of new projects, relations with management of strategic companies
- Environment protection – responsible for development of projects related to environmental protection and deal also with emission trade. I perform activities in order to develop JI projects of Mitsubishi in Poland and whole CEE region (Slovakia/Hungary/Lithuania/Poland/Ukraine/Romania).

Within duties of Mr. Chlebowski there are also relations and meetings with government members, advisory companies and contacts on all levels of relevant ministries. I coordinate actions and activities between Warsaw office and Tokyo HQ as well as other European offices within above-mentioned areas.
He is responsible for development of the first Joint Implementation project between Japan and Poland and within Mitsubishi Corporation. The project has been successfully concluded in July 2008. He also develops the relationship between Polish Government and Mitsubishi Corporation in terms of Green Investment Scheme program.
He is also responsible for supervision of Mitsubishi investment in the development of wind projects in Poland and in France, Italy and Hungary as well as other renewable energy projects development (methane abatement, solar energy and other projects from this sector).
Before Mitsubishi Mr. Chlebowski was working as General Manager, Young Fashion Sp. zo.o. - ZARA Poland and also as Logistics and IT Director, EMPIK Sp. z o.o.

He was responsible for setting up of two new outlets in Warsaw and Wrocław. General management of the company with it’s two stores with approximately 120 employees and for all matters concerning development of the company, new locations, operational issues, finance etc. he was also responsible for all issues and negotiations with franchisor.
From II.2001 he took a position of Logistics and IT Director in Empik Sp. z o.o. in the department of wholesales. He was responsible for restructuring, costs-cutting and reorganization of all logistics issues (transportation, documentation, goods flows, external services, storage) and all IT matters, like selection and setting up of a new MRP system for the company. He was responsible for setting up of a central warehouse and distribution system for all 62 Kodak and Empik outlets in Poland, this has been concluded successfully in July 2001.

Jerzy Chlebowski
July 2, 2009
light in a tunnel ….

Hi All,

I kept rather quiet last weeks as I have been extremely busy business wise… I do not know where the heck this crises is as it does not appear in case of my businesses … 10 days before my arrival to Spain I still need to go to Japan for 7 days … believe me – this may be the worst thing to do – going to 8 hrs ahead time zone and working on a campus with one day delay then … but luckily this time I will not have to work on-line – just the preparation to the finals… (just!)

Now, we do approach the final light in a tunnel – Madrid final two weeks. I really hope this will not be the train approaching from the opposite direction… I am looking forward for the final presentations and hope to get satisfactory notes on the final exams I have delivered and those I still have to deliver …

If you would ever intend to try to go to the on-line program – please do remember – the key issue is not to let yourself lie behind. If you do so then the last two – three weeks will kill you in a smooth but still painful way…

I am still wondering what will I do when I finish the program? I most probably will have to find an additional job for the second shift otherwise I would feel so …. bored? unused? empty?

Anybody – if you are looking for a night guard – please let me know – I am available from July/24!

Have a great summer and press your fingers for me!



Jerzy Chlebowski
January 28, 2009
Back home after Shanghai & new semester starts…

Hi All,

as promised I want to give you someupdate on Shanghai experience. We enjoyed nice weather, it was mostly rather warm – around 12-14 deg C except last two days when it bacame cold and windy – not a good weather to visit places … luckily it was basically over …

Shanghai architecture was sometimes stunning – you can see some examples, the city is crowded and smoggy… nevertheless – interesting to see.

Exams went smooth and afterwards we had really interesting start of new subjects – I must personally admit that the program setup is really perfect – first you get base of financial accounting and cost accounting as well as org behavior in order to get into more complex business oriented subjects like financial management, organizational management and human resources. It seems that the second semester will be even more demanding in terms of time but on the other hand it will be also more interesting …

I do hope that we learn more and more and enjoy this paralelly…

Hope to write to you soon if IE will alllow me to continue … 🙂 – they may be willing to have less boring reporter … 🙂

In any case – all – keep well in 2009


Jerzy Chlebowski
December 23, 2008
bye-bye semester – approaching exams …


just got back from Japan struggling from a terrible flue but also with managing my time between intense work and study … thanks God the Professors were VERY tolerant as I advised them in advance about my timing issue so  it was not so bad I suppose. Imagine finishing your work in Tokyo (8 hrs ahead from Europe) aroung 24:00 and then the whole posting starts … – you need to spend some like additional 2-3 hrs on reading them, analyzing and then posting some good comment of your own … but it is over now and I feel like on holidays ….  BUT (unfortunatelly there must be always a “BUT”) I need to start preparation to the exams. Some of them are to be taken at home (thank you Lord) and some of them we will have in Shanghai – I do not know how I will manage the time change again … I do hope I will have good grades but I am a little affraid if i will manage to prepare myself well…

bye-bye peaceful Christmas time …

To all the readers – Marry Christmas and fantastic New Year 2009!!!

Talk to you in January- I will brief you on the mysterious “Shanghai experience” 🙂


Jerzy Chlebowski
November 25, 2008
approaching a semester end …


we are approaching the end of semester and to be honest it becomes more and more difficult to manage the time – in my work this is the hot period of time … I do hope to be able in the Christmas break to make up some of the lay offs I had to sacrifice – I passed last Financial Accounting badly and it does not help in motivating… But when you started something you need to get to the end successfully… I do hope that the bad result is more related to my terrible flu rather then my knowledge … I will see during the exam in Shanghai …

In any case the cases and topics become more and more complex and we need to use the whole information we have gathered till now … but it is interesting…

I already profit from better understanding of what is going on around the economy world in these stormy days that I was able before …

In any case – the next report will be after the Shanghai experience…



Jerzy Chlebowski
November 2, 2008
Another week in the program

Hi again,

another long week and weekend in the most comfortable classroom in the entire world – your own room at home – has just passed.

As I have been going yesterday and today thru posts, readings and exercises I came to the idea to give you some of my observations on time management. I think this may be interesting for those of you who do not know yet what kind of program to select…

If you ever decide to get into and MBA program you really need to be prepared for sacrrifizing some of your personal life, some of fun that you usually had and some of other things you could imagine.

Do not believe anybody that it is smooth and easy. It is a lot of work, but as I am, you probably will be enjoying the positive feeling of knowledge geting into your head fast.

The most important in the program is consequence and systematic work. If you fall back with any of the subjects you may have difficult time to get back on track. It is sometimes difficult to keep up, especially when you travel or have lots of meetings (or, what worse, both of these…) but the good thing is that you may basically access the campus on line anywhere. I have been going thru posts in a train, on the airport and in the bus.

How is it comparing to other type of programs? I will tell you what a good friend of mine told me. He was doing a weekend program so he was in the school on Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday. And this continued for over two years. And he spent, as we discussed this issue in detail, basically the same amount of time I am currently spending during the week. But, the main difference is – he HAD TO go to the school every weekend and what I do is that I am comfortably sitting in my own chair and contemplating readings on the screen of my PC … and in the break I can have a cup of nice cofee, tea or …. anything else 🙂

So have a good week and if you have any particular question pleae do not hesitate to mail me.



Jerzy Chlebowski
October 27, 2008
First impressions

Hi, my name is Jurek Chlebowski and I am working in Warsaw, Poland for Mitsubishi. I will tell you some of my day-to-day opinions and remarks as per the IdE on-line study…

I have just finished another week yesterday by completing one of the quizzess of Financial Accounting. Despite quite theoretical contents this time I scored 80/100 what was a bit of disappointment for me …

This needs quite a lot of time every day, I spend approximately 3 to 4 hours daily, but to be honest I have also some time off – trying to squeeze the schedule in that way to get some time off during the weekend…

It is also important to do things in advance and in consequent regular basis – the worst thing that happened to me was when i was late with some material due to extensive travels and then had to spend much more time on catching-up, current work and soem other material preparation …

On the other hand it is an extraordinary experience – imagine people from several contries and cultures exchanging views and ideas – some disciussions or even furious quarells on some economics on the discussion board   – this is really exiting …

Sometimes you really need to hold yourself from expressing too much of your opinion – I did certainly too much posting during first period of time – but there was a discussion about environment and I am convinced environmentalist with very pragmatic and solid background in business thus it is hard to convince me to some ideas sometimes … (my schoolmates probably thought I am a crazy person … )

nevertheless this is a lot of fun and you feel like being able to think broader and be wiser every day …

Now I need to finish some of my part for our business plan but I will return soon with some comments. Had you some questions please post or e-mail me.



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