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Julian Noursi Julian Noursi

Julian Noursi
May 9, 2009
What happens online, stays online!


I cannot believe that the first online period is over, it has been since November and it feels like yesterday … In a week we will be travelling to Shanghai for our second face to face period, and I can’t wait (not for the exams for sure!) but to see all these lovely people I met in Madrid!

Life online had its ups and downs, but has been intersting in general (remember my blog “adicted to the blackboard!”). Now I have many unread posts, many flagged posts to read later, many summaries to download, etc. But what happens online stays online 😉

 I would like to share the diversity of our class here and include some pictures from Madrid in November, I will post others once we are back from China ,,, (Thank you Tsog, Maxim, Justine, Jeremy, Hasan and the photographer for the pictures) >> 



Group Picture from the photographer 🙂


Treasure Hunt in Madrid! “Finding Hassan”

Mission accomplished!


Peace …



GAMA: “Thats the Library”


I have many other nice pictures, but I think that the last picture is a sign from Gama to go back to the IXMBA ! 🙂

See you all in Shanghai ,,,




Julian Noursi
February 1, 2009
My cousin is calling me a “Nerd!” :)


I guess the subject says it all … my cousin “Hams”, always calls me to have a drink and meet, and my famous lines are:

-“I am reading” ;

– “I’m online researching” ;

– “I have a quiz due in an hour <yes I keep myself till last minute>”  🙂

– “I have a skype meeting with my group” ;

– “The blackboard is open Tuesday – Friday and i need to read through the 3 subjects & participate”;

– “I have an internal group deadline feedback” ;

– ” I have to submit our group case to the professor’s <Digital Dropbox>” ;

– OR “I am socially chatting with a fellow IXMBA …” 🙂

The IXMBA language << Am I really a Nerd by choice!  🙂 >>

I cannot help it, the program is very interesting and you get to know many things about the real life business and economy. I have read one of the posts earlier about “is it a good time for an MBA”? well I say yes since in these crises its not just about getting a raise or finding a better job, its about creating positive CHANGE and assist our countries which will lead to long term achievement and reward …





Julian Noursi
December 20, 2008


Just today, I have realized that I am a “Blackboard”* addict  … we currently have a christmas break and no new posts!! (except those that need some follow up!)  I guess this will be a break to read some books, work, keep up with family&friends, christmas, new year, etc,,,  🙂

It has been a month since we started our IXMBA, it was a tough one but yet passed quickly! now less than 5 months to go, easter is our 2nd marathon break … we have been taking all sorts of tools highlighted by “the blackboard” which feels like an actual class with an average of 80 posts/messages a day that you need to absorb …  very interesting virtual discussions from the classmates and moderators, sometimes making your life harder, but its a wealth of information and knowledge that stimulates your business senses and challenges your brains… >>  

Wishing everyone a merry Christmas and a prosperous 2009 … 🙂

* IE Blackboard is a simple forum with sophisticated features and topics about the future evolving business world! the proffesors are the moderators that try to make your life easier …    🙂


Julian Noursi
November 16, 2008
“SHIFT Happens”

During my first week in the face-to-face sessions in Madrid i realized that its not only the books and the 300+ hand-outs and cases :),  its also an opportunity to meet international diverse people from many backgrounds and experiences … learning from them is simply an asset and a long  term investment! Hopefully, next year we will get “the most united class” award :), i can see it happen with all those enthusiastic positive people that i am getting to know every day… 

Will the coming 365+ days be easy!! not really,,,, I am sure that we will have our ups and downs, but that is part of the shift that i am so looking forward to , a journey towards success! 

At a certain point in life, where you believe that you are stuck in a certain routine and need a shift and a boost, IE IXMBA might be the tool especially with all those multinational professors and advisors who will be giving us so much from their time, knowledge, support and experience to help us build a better career, a better global economy and eventually a better world …!


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