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Karen de Meza Karen de Meza
Karen is married with one daughter and is passionate about Sport. Her academic background was in Life Sciences at Manchester University, where she gained an honours degree. After university she qualified as a chartered accountant with KPMG in the UK. For many years she worked in Corporate Finance and later in finance and commercial roles as an executive director with various multi-national companies. In 2002 she trained as a corporate coach and Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). She uses all of these skills to help business leaders transform their business perfomance.

Key Values & Strengths:
• Believes in operating with honesty and integrity
• Commercially astute with wide spectrum of professional experience (financial, legal & commercial)
• Facilitator of change at personal and corporate level, getting people to think and behave differently
• Is logical and clear thinking, good at bringing clarity to thinking in others
• Extensive experience in FMCG & Service environments
• Passionate about achieving business improvements and will take responsibility to drive through change or facilitate change by challenging others.

Karen de Meza
March 8, 2009
Feelings after the first few weeks on line

It’s almost a week since I posted my last blog and that’s mainly because I have been working so hard I haven’t had time until today. 


Before I started the course I wasn’t sure how I would manage to balance work, personal life and study; being honest I think the main thing I do less of now is watch TV!  The course has to be stimulating for the brain, so perhaps I can now also give up the Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training on my Nintendo DS or perhaps not as I may now be able to recapture my youth and return my brain age to 20-something!


The classes on line take a bit of getting used to, but actually they are really good.  For example I have noticed that some people who didn’t speak much in a large class of people are making excellent contributions to the on-line discussions.


The discussion board (DB) is very addictive though and I am finding that the first thing I do when returning from a meeting or if I have a spare moment is to access the DB.  Partly, so that I’m not left with lots of posts to read at once, but also because I’m interested to see what everyone thinks. 


The professors are very experienced at directing discussions and as a learning tool they are good because you can also go back and review the comments as they are in hard copy, which would not be possible if we were in a class and making the comments verbally.


Well I’m off to get my DB “fix”, see you next week!


Karen de Meza
February 26, 2009
Back to the UK after First Face to Face Period

Just got back home this week after two weeks in Madrid; the first introduction to the professors and our first Face to Face period.  It was really great to meet the MSM2010 crew, who are from such diverse backgrounds and have vastly different experience.  The best thing was that we all had a common set of values and in our different ways we all seemed to want to make a difference to the World of Sport.  Having spent the last two weeks with them (almost 24/7) I am certain we all will!

A few highlights of the group – we have a gold medal winning Olympian, who is an icon in Ecuador, plus he is such a nice guy too!  Our youngest colleague is German, she had a really promising tennis career, but had to retire because of injury, so Germany will have to wait a bit longer for another Steffi Graf!  We have a Basketball guru, who can share his experience of managing a Sports Club, and then there is me, who at the age of 44 and after 20 years in the financial world, I have decided to follow my dreams.

My goal is to set up a Global Sports Knowledge Brand and ultimately use much of the profits from the business to set up a foundation that will fund ground breaking feats in Sport (pioneering products, new methods, pursuits of individuals and teams to break records; to advance Sport and the way we think about it in Society).

The MSM2010 crew all share one common passion – Sport.  Whilst the reading and preparation for each of the classes in Madrid was really hard work, the interest level in the subject matter had the adrenal kick in, to provide a turbo boost for the learning.

We are now a virtual team, which at first is strange, especially for me as I enjoy the verbal interchange and banter with team colleagues. Consequently, this week has been a bit flat, no friendly faces to meet and greet and of course we are all getting used to how we operate as a team working remotely.    We have today submitted our first case brief and whilst we didn’t all agree on the content, I think we did a pretty good job and I for one was pleased with how we all worked together.

I must sign off for now, as work calls; the Sports Governance case brief for next week, so I’m off to check out the Chicago Olympic bid, to undertake a critical evaluation of issues associated with Code of Ethics and Governance! CU later………………

PS: Next time I will share some photos of our visit to the Bernabau Stadium (fabulous facility!) with you.  Once I’ve figured out how to access the file my our MSM2010 IT expert has sent to me.  Dimitrios help!



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