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Mia A. Gapuz Mia A. Gapuz
Dr. Mia A. Gapuz is a current student at the Masters In Digital Marketing at IE Business School, Madrid, Spain.

She is the current President and CEO of the Philippines’ largest and most admired review center for Nurses and other Professionals- the RA Gapuz Review Center (RAGRC) which has partnered with global leaders like Elsevier and Intel.

Dr. Gapuz is also the founder of various companies in the publishing, consultancy, training, e- learning and IT industries in the Philippines. She finished her Masters in Entrepreneurship (Highest Distinction) at the Asian Institute of Management. A licensed dentist, her interest in the education sector was rooted in her achievement as Board Topnotcher No. 2 in the Dentist’s Licensure Exam in the Philippines.

In the Business World article published in 2006, Dr. Gapuz was quoted with her insights on diversification, and how she uses this concept in all her future ventures. The Masters in Digital Marketing at IE Business School, according to her, “provides a crystal clear passageway towards creating a new market (e- market) when you are now the industry leader.”

Mia A. Gapuz
April 16, 2010
ONE WEEK END- Life behind the Masters In Digital Marketing

Its 4:30 am Manila Time. I have just finished my online session at the IE Online Campus. Tired? Not at all. Let me tell you about my online sessions today. I had three classes- Management Accounting, Search Engine Optimization and Virtual Companies & Legal Environment.

Before you react further. Yes, we do have Accounting Subjects. Actually there are two – Financial Accounting and Management Accounting. I used to find these subjects boring in College. It’s surprising that I find them so interesting in online instruction. Today, I learned Job costing, Process costing and Customer Profitability Analysis. This will be very useful for me for business decisions. You will understand better when you get to IE. 🙂

Search Engine Optimization. If you type your name or your company’s name in Google, do you see it in the first page? If not, you have a big problem there. This subject helps you make your site visible and accessible in the web.

Virtual Companies and Legal Environment. We had just talked about internet laws. We debated on hot issues like spamming, capping taxes on emails, content censorship and ISP liabilities. I was so passionate on the debate on email taxing. Would you want to be taxed for every email you send? Who would want it anyway?

Its nearly 5:00am, I feel I already need to sleep, but I’m still in the mood to finish a report on Branded Games. Yes, it’s one of the lessons for next week in a subject called Metaverses and Advergaming. Here we talk about virtual worlds like Second Life, Video Games, MMMPORG to kiddie game portals like Not to mention mobile phone games and the advertising opportunities within and surrounding them. Do you see billboards of branded products when you play videogames? Do you know that advertisers earn millions of dollars on these?

Tomorrow, Sunday, Yes! My free time to relax, do facebook or go someplace like the malls.

On Monday, still easy. No online sessions!

Anytime from Tuesday to Friday, I can log in and do my next weeks online sessions. We will talk about the reports we prepared the previous week. And the cycle goes on for 14 months.

Time constraint? Nah, its more of using your idle time in very useful ways, that is- learning.

Before you know it, you already have in your hands an international diploma, endless possibilities of online ventures and… a more credible you in the Digital World.

Regrets? definitely not!

Mia A. Gapuz
April 6, 2010
LISTEN. THINK. ACT. NOW!- Masters in Digital Marketing


Last month, I found myself getting a new mobile phone. I was surprised, most new models are now touch screen- where I can do Facebook, browse the web, pay online, or watch my favorite video on Youtube. These are SMART Phones. Funny, the old ones are now called DUMB Phones. Mobile evolution maybe?

Last night, I had a nice chat with five friends in five different places. Cool Messenger. And a year now, I update my family friends with my whereabouts- thanks to my blue bird pal, Twitter. Do you feel like bragging? Well, go online and get all those nice photos shot in various places in the world uploaded- in Facebook, Friendster or Orkut.

Why am I telling you all these?


Because the primitive Homo Sapiens has come to evolve far beyond genetics. Like the Smart phones. Few have come to realize this, and many wouldn’t care much. But who cares anyway?

People look for opportunities. Get good employment, start their own businesses or get a good sideline. Why do we go to school? To get a good job? This is one side of the mentality. For me, the other side is – to build and maintain a Good Business.

Think about this: who would have thought that the Facebook which was started by a 23- year- old student and Google, which was started by a pair of PhD students are now worth billions of dollars?

For me, being equipped in this digital world to get a good job is really great what more to start up an online company.

Think about taking the road less travelled…


All these are the reasons why I did the most important act- I enrolled at IE’s Masters in Digital Marketing. To learn Digital Marketing? Yes, but its more than that. A month at IE has taught me much more than I expected. Every day is very surprising and interesting. Very organized, very structured. Very practical and useful in my day to day role as an entrepreneur. The people are great. The professors have varied backgrounds which enhances my experience and learnings. The best thing is that, I am learning all these way far advanced than anyone else in the industry.

On the way to being a TECHNOPRENEUR? Working it out…


I believe that recognizing the opportunities in the digital world at this early is the first step in becoming successful in any field that anyone is into. May it be running a business or getting employment.

The homo-sapiens have now evolved to being Digital Natives. Where most of their times are spent in the online world. Where they speak with one digital language. And those who would not find out what this language is, will face the fate of the Dumb phones.

When I recognized this opportunity, I did not lose any more time. I went online and proceeded with my enrollment at IE.


At IE Business School, every after conversation with a classmate- i never fail to hear- “See you in the online forum”.

Next week, my classmates and I will meet at Miso’s Soup Kitchen at Second Life.

Now, I’m learning the Digital Language. ☺

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