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Michaela Götze Michaela Götze

Michaela Götze
March 31, 2009
Post (Natal) Digital Master Depression

Post (Natal) Digital Master Depression

Lessons Learned 3: YOU WILL MISS IT


One week ago I graduated


and now you are probably wondering why I still post but the blog is called „Living the Online Master“ and I am living (with) it so once in a while you will hear from me again- sorry by getting on your nerves 😉


So what happened after our Graduation?

  1. I received a nice email from an IE Master student send to me at 5 am in the morning stating “Now I know why you needed chocolate- I am currently having a brioche and try to finish my paper….”
  2. I received an emergency Skype call from a New Digital Master Student: “I don’t understand this subject and the book still did not arrive- and I have a test tomorrow-can you explain?”
  3. I received an email from my former student mate stating: “How are you back in “After master life”? I am having a Post Digital Master Depression”
  4. I received a mail from IE asking me for assisting in an Alumni project (I will write about it as soon as the project is live) because I was officially named as the “Alumni President MDAC2009” and as you can see I am taking this title very serious:

I don’t have a good sleep since I am back from Madrid. Can you believe this? I am solving case studies every night. It’s like my “Super-Ego” (Freud)

=Master-Super-Ego is fighting with my “It” and tries me to convince not to stop thinking about the Master.

Which leads me to another problem how should I loose my Master weight if I still studying every night and need to have tons of Chocolate?


Don’t know but one of the most important things I learned during the last 13 months is to solve problems and to monetize digital projects. So lets see maybe tonight I am dreaming about a great digital business idea which involves some of my “excess baggage”

and how to monetize it 😉 Remember Mr. Berlusconi’s fat becoming Soap?



Good Night and Good Luck from Switzerland




Michaela Götze
March 18, 2009
Lessons learned 2: Try to learn Spanish- it makes live easier ;)

Ok I was participating a Master in English but I have to admit I was sometimes quite frustrated not to be able to understand my fellows or the inhabitants of Madrid.

The second intake is much more diversified (90% foreigners) but in my class 90% spoke Spanish. So you can imagine that if emotions went up or secrets got shared they moved into their language. Not by purpose just a normal behavior as I would do too. It was interesting to see how much you can understand as a foreigner not speaking the language just by watching body-language, feeling emotions and concentrating on expressions. I definitively learned a lot.

But there are still many people in Madrid who do not speak English (unfortunable) and in the long hand its not fun to sit in a restaurant unable to order or to try to get internet access in your apartement from a weared reception guy. Its also not fun to follow your new friends on twitter and they tweet in spanish and I am so curiousssssssssss- common I am a woman- its in my genes;)

Ok I only had two residential periods here but I would have love to be able to integrate even more.

Therefore in my free time after the Master- I WILL LEARN SPANISH 😉

Greetings from Madrid


My faces when trying to understand the world around me:

Michaela Götze
March 17, 2009
9-8-7- days:Finished

Lessons learned: 1. Organization

Back in Madrid- fantastic weather, more fantastic to see everyone offline again-mixed feelings:

  • We are tired 😉
  • We are proud
  • We are happy
  • We are sad

Exactly one year ago we started with the first residential period and now 13 months gone like nothing.

I met one girl from the new intake last night for dinner and it is interesting to see how different they are compared to us. I would say much more serious- more nervous and tensed. But maybe it’s just because we are now quite relaxed compared to them. We know we have the most difficult part behind us and there are just some little steps to go.

So for all of you who just started don’t worry you will make it.

In case you feel a bit lost, pressured and anxious I suggest the following general advice:

  1. Structure yourself– I have to say one of the most important things I got out of the Master is how to organize myself better- now I am so organized and structured that one of my Master colleagues even called me “German Police” last time as I ask to be more structured ha-ha
  2. Find the courage to skip things– now I can admit it because the subject is over- I never read the Marketing Book we received I just picked some structures out of it (Sorry Maria)
  3. Learn to prioritize (concentrate more on subjects who are difficult and show the professors that you have problems with it but that you try they will not cut your head off – promised – they are all very helpful)
  4. Don’t hesitate to ask for help– i.e. send me a mail if you have problems with the Master in Digital Marketing I am happy to support you
  5. Talk to Marta she is fantastic
  6. If you think it’s too much and can’t stand it anymore have a break– eat a KitKat or just have a beer.

Greetings from sunny Madrid


Michaela Götze
November 18, 2008
The truth about your weight during the Online Master



Ok I did it again last night.

Around 4 o’clock a voice waked me up which said:

 “Go in the kitchen Michaela, go and get the chocolate out of the cupboard.”

And I went.



This is the only leftover… OOPS



Did you ever try it?

Getting up half awake (still dreaming) getting a small peace of your favorite chocolate letting it melt in your mouth and fly back into your dreams – Indescribable yammi- happiness everywhere.

I love doing the Online Master it’s a lot of fun especially with my group. But it will bring some strange habits out of you – I tell you 😉


The problem is that you usually work 40-50 hours per week and than you come home and start working right away on your Online Forums. At least I do because I realized that I don’t sit down on my desk if I first start to do something else.

Forget about the 20 hours you estimate- at the beginning you need more.

The first months of the Master I invested around 30 hours per week. This means you sit between 60 and 80 hours per week and don’t move. And I mean even the discussions are really exciting you don’t move with your body you only move with your brain.

And than one morning you get up and look at yourself in the mirror trying to fit in your favorite dress and realize the truth: It does not fit anymore!!! Ouch!


But it’s worth it – I swear!!! I learned so much during the last months that I don’t care about the 5 extra kilos. I will get rid of it after the studies are done.


I have to admit that I started the chocolate night orgies in February soon after I started with my master (Digital Marketing). I think it’s a kind of outbalancing the pressure. Because this is something you have to be aware of right from the beginning- there will be pressure from everywhere:

  • Pressure from your work- because you have to leave on time otherwise you will sit too long in the evenings reading and answering the forum questions.
  • Pressure from your friends because you are suddenly not as flexible anymore to go out during the week or only for the price of working doubled the next day and you learn soon that this is not a regular option.
  • Pressure from your family because instead of coming home and making love with your wife or husband you are making love with the IE-campus or the books or the case studies.
  • Pressure from your group members to participate more in the case study work.


But I tell you as well it’s only at the beginning. The first months are tough. You will sometimes ask yourselves why you did this. You have to find a way to organize your private, business and school life still having fun and being nice to everybody.

But you will find your way to get through this- you get used to all of it and you will find your own structure, your own way to cope with it. I will give you some tips in my later posts how I did it and I hope this will help you too.


So what is the executive summery of this post?

With the Master you gain a lot of weight but it gets outweigh by the knowledge and the fun you gather and the people you meet and the development you realize on yourself.

It’s worth it! I promise…


So if you make up your mind and you decide to go for it (and I strongly recommend it) than stop running and enjoy – it’s just 13 months (depending on your Master). See it as a kind of “diet brake” to your normal “I cannot eat this because otherwise I don’t fit in my dress again live” and enjoy getting fat.

It’s fantastic.


Greetings from Switzerland



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