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I started Translation and Interpretation studies in 1996 in Barcelona. After the second year, in 1998, I decided to take a year off and travel to USA, New York City, to improve my level of English. There, I had the opportunity to study at the School of Continuing Education of the New York University (NYU) and achieved an internship to work at the Presbyterian Hospital of the Columbia University as a translator.

Thanks to my experience in New York, when I went back to Barcelona I worked as a translator for about 4 years; during this period apart from finishing my studies and collaborating as translator and proof-reader with several companies, I completed the translation of 4 academic medial books.

In 2001, I had the impression that to work as a translator was not what I wanted to become when I grow up so I decided to change my life course. I travelled to Germany where I spent 2 years mainly learning the language and trying different professions.

I went back to Barcelona in 2003 and started a new life working on the IT sector. Nowadays, I work as a consultant for T-Systems Iberia and I am living in The Hague, Netherlands, collaborating in one of the most interesting projects in the life of my company.

Virginia García
June 16, 2009
Impolite people also study on-line MBAs

And this is me!! Yes I’m veeeery impolite!! It has been a while since I last wrote something in the blog…

I want to show you some pictures from our last class:

Amazing isn’t it? J

Yes, this is our platform. This is what we call the VC (Video conference). Every Saturday in the morning we have an on-line class with the professors… sometimes we use this session to solve doubts, others to review the cases, but in most of the cases: to present. Professors love to see students suffering when they are presenting… hahaha

Well, in fact it is a very good exercise that helps us to forget our fears and to be more collaborative among us. As in normal presentations, live makes things more complicated… but when you add to the normal problems the online ones… it becomes really funny!! One of your mates forgets the micro in his girlfriends house, another has a shortcut and the connexion goes down, did someone don’t pay the ADSL?? Hahaha, it’s just a joke… the important thing of that is if someone is unable to present, for whatever reason, the others always backup him/her… don’t think that MBAs are just intended to make you more competitive and aggressive in your work… but to learn to contribute, work in teams and confront the unexpected situations together, it is all about team effort!

Obviously we can’t always all of us show up in front of the camera, can you imagine 30 persons connecting and talking at the same time from all around the world… what a mess!!

I would like to specially thank Jesus who is our IE help-online and spends hours with all of us trying to make our sound and image better and rescuing us when we don’t know how to use something or something was failing in our computers!! Thank you Jesus! I owe you at least one beer 😉

Next time I will explain to you some things about the life after the Global MBA… and soon… about our graduation…of course!

Virginia García
March 2, 2009
Global MBA addiction

I think I’m getting a very serious disease… It is just 4 weeks to I finish the MBA and I’m already missing it… why?? I’ve been suffering a lot!

I’ve been through 2 accountabilities, I don’t know how many strategies, 2 financial subjects… I’ve been sleeping less than 6 hours a day, eating like an obsess and missing my friends’ parties and meetings… but still… I WILL MISS IT A LOT!!

Sorry guys… I have to go to the doctor… this must be very serious! Talk to you when I enroll in the next program… LOL



PS: We have a PARTY  the 2nd of APRIL in Madrid just to celebrate that we finish our classes, you are more than welcome if you want to join; there will be also some professors and people from other intakes that will join us! If you are interested send me an email 😉 we will be glad to meet you as well!


PS2: I think what I will miss specially is my colleagues…

Virginia García
January 13, 2009
The story of the translator studying a MBA

I don’t really remember when I wrote last time…. But I think it was a loooong time ago… yes, now I remember!! It was before Christmas Holidays! And what for a holiday… two weeks without classes, assignments, forums and my job… of course, my job.


But, I had to study a bit… that’s true.


Do you know what a translator (like I am) does in a MBA? The answer is easy… meet new and very interesting people, learn from great professors and SUFFER WITH THE FINANCIAL SUBJECTS!!


Yes, I’ve been suffering from the very beginning… it was about 15 years that I didn’t use the maths, and, what about the financial terminology? if you understand it, it can be two options:


1st: you are a genius

2nd:you’ve been trough an MBA


yes don’t laugh, there is only these two options ;-). But do you know what?, I’m learning a lot, the issue is that now I have to convince my professor about that and it is not that easy… (I will send Carmen the link to this post…)


The true is that, now, I’m surprised sometimes when some sentences come out of my mouth… mmmm …did I say that? … I have to recall it and…. YES!, it is true! it was me making a comment about  the crisis of the automobile industry or the future of the SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprises) in Spain… incredible but true…


The moral (every happy ending story has to have one) is: If you are planning to study a MBA and you are afraid of the subjects, because there is a looooong time that you don’t read a book or do you think that your background is insufficient… GO FOR IT!!


Maybe thinking on the story of the translator studying a MBA helps you to pluck up courage, if I can… for sure you will!  

But remember, sleeping more that 6 hours a day is not allowed in any MBA 😉

Virginia García
November 27, 2008

I’m still recovering from the last CID (Community Integration Days)… what an intensive week!!


This time was in Madrid, but in the past, we have also had the opportunity to travel to CIDs in Dubai, Moscow, and Shanghai… I really recommend this last one… I went in May and it was really a great experience!!


The last CID in Madrid, 20 and 21 of November, has been very special. From the 22 people that are currently in my class, 16 of us could travel to the event; it was amazing! There were Samer from Qatar, Yoshi from Portugal, Gary from Australia, Roman from Russia, Juan from Guatemala… up to 16 people… I won’t say them all because this will seem instead of a blog a geography lesson J


After 13 months working together it was the greatest opportunity to see each other faces… (I have to admit that I nearly new all of them… I love CIDs… it was my fourth :-P).


During the first session, on Thursday, we had a very interesting workshop about Change Management, and the second day, on Friday, was the IE Alumni Conference “ Business in times of Economic Uncertainty”, which apart from very instructive was a great opportunity to meet current and former students from the Global MBA and other IE programs.


Apart from this most educative and academic part, there is a not less important side from the CIDs. We go all together for dinner, talk about our countries, families and friends… and then go to for a drink or two, dance in a disco, and show the rest our most informal side!! It is really about having fun with the people that you have been working during the last months… although nowadays they call it networking 😉


Sorry, but I have to leave you again… on Saturday we have a presentation of Human Resources Management and I can’t let my group mates to prepare the work alone!!


See you soon!



Virginia García
November 14, 2008
On-line education… does it work?

I still remember when I was looking for a MBA. Searching at the different rankings that were published about the different Business Schools  in Spain -of course in Spain, I didn’t want to move because of the MBA since my career was on the right way- I heard about on-line MBAs. At first, I found it strange… nearly unfeasible. Could on-line education offer the same warranties as did the presential one? How can professors manage to give the right attention to all the students when they even don’t know them? I simply thought that it couldn’t offer the same conditions. But I decided to inform myself anyway about the different options.

A few weeks after, I discovered the Global MBA, and quickly felt in love with the program. Global?? Yes it was really global!! I was informed about the previous different intakes. Professors from all around the world, students in more countries that I could think about, and presential activities at the 5 continents, it couldn’t be true, It was exactly what I was looking for!!!

Then I started the application (not an easy one… the guys at the IE don’t make it easy for you to enrol… if you want to be in, you have to work for it…); mails, references, tests, interview… it took me about 3 months to have the confirmation that I was admitted… but it worked 🙂

The best part came my first day of class! 22 students; 2 professors and 16 different nationalities!! Can you believe it?? It was a dream for me… I was in contact with the 5 continents without moving myself from home!! And it was just the beginning 😉

I will explain to you more things about the Global MBA… but not today, I have to finish a group work for Supply Chain Management and my mates are already waiting for me at the Video Conference Room… so, I won’t make them wait!! Let’s keep in touch!!



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