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September 13, 2011
Predicting the Price of Oil – playing this game makes it easy!

The global petroleum market is something that is always making news. Whether it’s OPEC dictating output or governments imposing new tax regulations, such topics are always likely to cause great debate amongst economists. The World Oil Prices game brings this discussion to the classroom – through the use of basic economics – the Supply and Demand model.

The game is made up of 15 real events, some dating back to the early 70s. The idea is to study the event in question and to think about how this event affects the supply of oil on the world market, its demand, or even both. By applying supply and demand theory economics correctly, through the use of an interactive graph, you should be able to predict whether each event has a positive or negative effect on the price of oil. After playing the game the posterior class discussion focuses on analyzing the movements of the supply and demand for each scenario, thus helping students to feel more confident applying the model.

World Oil Prices can be accessed by visiting the following link and is adapted for both CPU’s and mobile devices.

So, what effects did the Iranian revolution in 1979 have on oil prices? Or the hurricanes that caused havoc across the Gulf of Mexico in 2005? Play the game to find out!

This is only one of a great number of interactive resources; visit the IE multimedia documentation catalogue to experience more.
July 7, 2011
The Elevator Game

The Elevator

Would you like to excel at your job? Why don’t you give this game a try?

The Elevator is a game which offers an easy structured simulation with a wide range of realistic dilemmas that may occur in modern organizations. The student begins the game, and consequently his/her career from an entry level position at a fictitious company which should be the company of your dreams.
Students will have to face different situations, ethical issues and they will have to make their own decisions and see how their performance leads them to climb the hierarchy at work or not. An excellent performance could mean that a top management position could be reached in the organization and why not become the CEO of the company. Is this one of your challenges?
Many students have already played the game an it fosters the class discussion on the Organizational Behaviour courses of our Master Programmes. Furthermore, we have also launched a Facebook app so everybody is free to play The Elevator.
To access the material you can click on the following link and to access the Facebook app click on:
July 1, 2011
Inspirational Tweets by Mark Fritz

IE Business School outstanding Leadership teacher –Prof. Mark Fritz– shares his inspirational tweets “Daily Thoughts

Daily Thoughts by Mark Fritz
June 28, 2011
Food For Thought! by Mark Fritz

Mark Fritz 

One of our outstanding visitor teachers in Leadership, Mark Fritz, has collected his “daily thoughts” for IE Business School in this weekly newsletter Food For Thought

With more of 25 years of international experience in Management, Prof. Fritz  is also the author of Time to Get Started, a compilation of the best of his Daily Thoughts and  of The Truth About Getting Things Done, 42 Truths that combines the best from both time management and motivation books, and provides you with practical ideas and insights that enable you to take action from today





Personal Development

“I do not think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday.”  Abraham Lincoln

Learning Every Day

You are never too old to stop learning, and we should all look to learn

something new every day. I had read a number of years ago that a great

question to ask your children each night is: “What did you learn at school


 Let’s ask the question of ourselves: What have I learned today? 

Leadership Development

“The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you.” Max DePree

Thank You

Saying “Thank You” is important for leaders. Thank you shows that you

appreciated what your people have done. That appreciation helps your people to develop pride in their work, and pride is one of the best motivators of performance.

Thank you – two words with magical powers.

Team & Organisational Development

“No matter what accomplishments you make, somebody helped you.”  Althea Gibson

Team – it’s all about Helping each other

You can spot a successful team in minutes. It’s the team with members that

are always trying to help each other, and you see it in the behaviours of

everyone. They are asking each other questions and sharing ideas with each

other all the time.

How much have you helped your team members this past week?

Something for Fun

“I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.” Groucho Marx

Food for Thought to help “Fuel” your personal growth from Mark Fritz ( 

Ertan Uzundemir
April 7, 2010
The IXMBA experience


…287 after having joined the blog, I finally managed to hide away from professors and fellows to share my insights with you. I guess that tells something. But lets start from the very beginning…

As I wanted to change my to date career path I was thinking of taking a concise next step through education. I fought my way through MBA books, journals, ratings, accreditations, and incredibly insulting offers until I finally decided that the MBA at a major European school was what I wanted.

Why IE?

The reasons why I chose IE are easily explained. I wanted a top academy with a flexible program offered at a reasonable price. IE offers various Triple Crown accredited (AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA) programs in a flexible online format with however important face-to-face periods and was competitive in tuitions and side expenses. The only things I needed: apply, pass the interviews and lift off. Said and done!

Is it really that hard?

I don’t remember precisely, but I think the program director’s opening line was something like the following: “Welcome to hell and thanks for trusting us in making you suffer”. And one thing I can confirm is, these people are very innovative and well trained for this discipline! Joking aside, the program is very intense. It turns one’s life upside down and requires all it can get from the student (and its environment). Days turn into nights and nights again into days and I find myself surrounded by books, notes, case studies and 25 open browser screens yet not having finished my weekly contributions. The only thing that keeps me going is counting down the days that remain until graduation (116 by the way).

If you are intending to have an easy life while doing an MBA, I would not recommend any of the top-notch academies. If you want to participate in a challenging and life-changing experience, want to pressure-feed yourself with condensed and state of the art business know-how, want to be amongst the top-class alumni, IE is the place to go. The program is structured in a way which allows you to fit work, private life and IE into 24 hours. Who the hell needs sleep?

What is the IXMBA (International Executive MBA Online)  like?

The average week encompasses three parallel courses and of course requires their prior preparations, usually readings from books or scripts, some case studies plus the related assignments. From Tuesday to Friday vivid discussions for the weekly classes (1-3) which are guided by the professors require one’s participation and add value in multiple ways. Here is where theory turns into practice, where experiences are being shared, points clarified, most ideal ways to tackle business problems are battled or one’s scope broadened by the many plausible arguments on how to cope with real work situations. For the week after? Guess what, it is as you were Bill Murray in Groundhog day. Speed and intensity remain and the entire process repeats itself, over and over again.

Case studies provide an excellent way to practically learn how small to big companies have turned their business over years with an amazingly broad range of topics covered mostly in Harvard Business School case studies.

What do I appreciate the most of the program?

There are many aspects which are ground-breaking. The program is like a walk in the sun, where IE is your shadow. You simply cannot get rid of it. It is like climbing the mountains and being overjoyed to reach the summit at the week’s end, while having a glimpse on the even higher peak’s ascent.

One is ad-hoc able to apply the learnings on the job, while the scope and intensity of the program change habitual ways of approaching and tackling day-to-day’s problems. Analytical and conceptual skills are drilled and on the course of the program, the puzzle is becoming complemented and provides a more thorough and clear picture of how the world outside really turns. The IXMBA can help – and I will keep you posted on that – to boost your career, but beside that it does much more: it makes you comprehend how the building blocks of our professional envionment relate and interfere, how problems can be tackled and mastered and how you can gear yourself consciously towards higher returns from your job environment, namely satisfaction, recognition or career. Last but not at all least are the fellow students, who not only enrich your learning experience, but share these moments of torture, pain and enthusiastic delight with you.

What are the presential periods like?

The initial presential period in Madrid was a real awakening. Just having collected the books and study material, we were demanded to prepare for the following day: only 200 pages to read while my watch was telling me I yet had 6 hours to go before the class started! I don’t remember much from Madrid but being extremely tired and krackered when I arrived back home. However, the first presential period managed well what it had to do: you immediately familiarize with the programs intensity, get to know your fellows and swear your group into the pact for the succeeding 6 months.

Shanghai  in January was an amazing experience. The exams, the excursions and of course the parties well paid tribute for the previous months of austerity. There was nothing greater to meet again with the fellow students and nothing more sad to need to leave back home after such a great time.

Would I do it again?

Straight off: yes! The reason is simple. The program allows to take a wild ride while being seated in a employment. IE does only ask for your discipline, time and effort while showing and guiding you on the path through the course. The professors are very cooperative and luminary academic staff. At the bottom line: it is one year of intense battle with yourself, which pays off with more than a diploma. You learn, you make friends and you carry your head high when having survived this experience.

Anybody who is interested in more details is welcome to approach me (

Jason Andrew
March 8, 2010
…finally found some time to do my first post

When I first volunteered to do a blog for the International Executive MBA…last November 09! I thought “that shouldn’t be too hard, surely I can find some time to put up a couple of words here and there”…mmm, well, it turned out that that was a little bit naive. Being part of the November IXMBA class is a wonderfully enriching experience, the trade off is that it costs a lot of time…but don’t be discouraged, the cost of time is well worth the outcome you receive!

We have 31 students from 22 countries. Sectors represented include, manufacturing, telecommunications, financial services, law, advertising, logistics, non for profit, consulting, IT, food technology, aeronautics, tourism, building and construction, engineering, nuclear physics, pharmaceuticals and a few experienced in start ups. It is a very diverse group. We have lawyers, CFOs, biologists, chemists, aeronautical engineers, nuclear scientists, our fair share of people in funds management and financial advising, company owners, people living as ex-pats in other countries, ex-university professors and someone who made a lot of money building and selling an internet start up – you’ll have to ask them what the website was about ;-).   So as you can see, life online with an IE Masters is not a lonely experience, you get to share it with amazing people who become your friends for life.

In the IXMBA we work in groups of 5-7 people and the work load is roughly like this:  Each week your group works on 3 assignments, these get submitted the following week on the Monday/Tuesday. This is followed by an open class discussion on the assignment topics with all 31 students…that is 3 class discussions happening simultaneously, these are guided by the professor who asks various questions and steers the direction of the conversation. These are very deep discussions and the learning experience is a lot greater than what I expected. Unlike being in a class you can’t just say what comes to mind, in an online course your contribution is there for all to see, so a lot of thought generally goes into a post. The discussions are open from Tuesday to Friday for students to participate where they can in different time zones. At the end of the week for some subjects there is a short quiz. The catch is, that whilst you are having the 3 class discussions, you are also working with your group to put together next weeks assignments, plus of course working full time.

All work is done in forums and is very easy to follow, and being online you obviously use other tools. In skyping with one of my colleagues in my group we were talking about the work load and then about our experience. At the end we decided that if you are going to get an EMBA from one of the best business schools in the world, it is normal for it to be challenging. In a strange kind of way it would be disappointing if it was too easy…but it is a hell of a lot of fun!


Julian Noursi
February 1, 2009
My cousin is calling me a “Nerd!” :)


I guess the subject says it all … my cousin “Hams”, always calls me to have a drink and meet, and my famous lines are:

-“I am reading” ;

– “I’m online researching” ;

– “I have a quiz due in an hour <yes I keep myself till last minute>”  🙂

– “I have a skype meeting with my group” ;

– “The blackboard is open Tuesday – Friday and i need to read through the 3 subjects & participate”;

– “I have an internal group deadline feedback” ;

– ” I have to submit our group case to the professor’s <Digital Dropbox>” ;

– OR “I am socially chatting with a fellow IXMBA …” 🙂

The IXMBA language << Am I really a Nerd by choice!  🙂 >>

I cannot help it, the program is very interesting and you get to know many things about the real life business and economy. I have read one of the posts earlier about “is it a good time for an MBA”? well I say yes since in these crises its not just about getting a raise or finding a better job, its about creating positive CHANGE and assist our countries which will lead to long term achievement and reward …





Novel Tjahyadi
January 25, 2009
Is It Really (Not) a Good Time to Do an MBA?

We finally did it! Yes, after 13 grueling months of study, we earned our MBA on an admitedly pretty impressive and well-organized ceremony last month in Madrid. Hundreds of graduates from several Master programs, including ours, International Executive MBA (IxMBA), graduated on the same day. It was a big crowd. On that memorable festive, I saw nothing but a big smile on everyone’s face, although I was not too sure how to interpret those smiles. Perhaps, for some, it was a genuinely happy smile. For others, however, it was just a bitter smile. A smile of pessimism…

We witnessed the air of excitement and the pride of being a new member of the prestigious IE and MBA alumni. But unfortunately, the excitement lasted only for a little while. The moment we stepped out of the ceremony, everyone knew that a reality was awaiting ahead of us. A reality that we all have to face. How would our MBA be worth amid the global crisis? For many, a big question drums into our heads. How long would we have to wait until we start to see a return from this expensive investment amid this downturn? (Good for those who had received sponsorships, as this might not concern them as much as it does to those who paid the MBA out of their own pockets or loans.) Or, would we ever see an ROI at all?

Sadly, we completed our MBA at an extremely rough period. Everyday all we see is heartbreaking news: companies lay off hundreds or thousands of their workforce, firms stop hiring, banks tighten loans, stock prices slump…. Lucky for those who got promotions after their MBA these days, whilst many can only hope and pray they can keep their jobs. What does this all mean to us? Does an MBA degree still make any sense these days?

I have to admit I regret completing my MBA in this time of the year, BUT I never regret my decision of doing the MBA at all… no matter what. For sure, I would have expected a better economic and financial situation than this when I passed out, whereas I could possibly have gotten more options… an option to demand a raise or a promotion, an option to swing my career as I had always wanted, an option to enter an entrepreneurship world… an option that we all had dreamed of before we commenced our MBA.

Left with very few options, what can we do now? Sitting and waiting? Naah… For the sake of encouraging my own self and all MBA wanna-bes out there (I mean you!), my only advice is simple: be optimistic! It is true that options are now limited, yet I would never imagine my resume without an MBA these days where competitions are getting even tougher and younger! Like companies, we should never stop brushing up our competitive advantage. It’s the key for survival.

If you are one of many people who are reasonably in doubt whether you should postpone your decision on participating in an MBA course, perhaps you should think again! Albeit the recession, there are still many good reasons why you should start your MBA course now. To name the few:

  1. In the class, you will have the opportunity to learn from this downturn and learn from others’ failures and mistakes in the financial industry, etc. Believe me, this could well be a priceless learning experience.
  2. Networking (you’ve heard this many times, so I won’t elaborate).
  3. As I said earlier: competitive advantage (yeah, how I like this term from our Strategy class!). Prepare yourself for the upturn. There is nothing more rewarding when you know you are more knowledgeable than before.

After all, MBA is an education. It is an asset that does not recognize age nor recession. If you are one of those people who always have the thirst for self-development, don’t be put off by the crisis. Just do it!

Amani Hindawi
November 10, 2008
An Organized Chaos!

Our last days in the IXMBA (International Executive MBA)- 39 days to be exact are marked by an endless  state of organized chaos, trying to wrap up all the too many group reports, individual assignments, final exams, individual final exams, not to mention the still on-going sessions and classes, and to add up to the torture, the final case. But the good thing about this chaos is that sometimes we are allowed to choose our method of being tortured, say our group for the final case or even our chosen method for the individualized final exam, etc.

The other day, I was having a discussion with my friends; who incidentally have managed to tolerate me through this transformational phase, and they were saying that once I finish this MBA, I will have too much time on my hand and will get bored. That most definitely cracked me up in a giant laugh. “BORED? Are you kidding? That for sure I will not be, because I will revert to my old, normal human being state of enjoying a free time to invest it in whatever makes me happy like hobbies for instant, since this MBA has temporarily transformed us into aliens who try to manage time to boring limits. Like reading a case in the middle of a game, or editing an assignment during a kid’s recital, do you honestly believe a normal homosapian would do such a thing? 

 The important thing throughout this hectic time and lifestyle is to keep your sense of humor and enjoy the torture as much as possible, oh, did I just say torture, I meant the learning, which in the end is about transformation to the better and the more valuable. Amidst all of this organized chaos, I say there’s a massive need for laughter and fun (but only once in a while, fun takes time and you can’t possibly waste it on fruitless endeavors that nourish the soul and bring your adrenaline level to a high, or can u?)

Playing in the park with my kids on the weekend without constantly peeking to my watch to find out if time has run up, or even going immediately to sleep when you get back home after a night out without checking the forums and doing some reading, that will be awesome. But if I have learnt something here is that time is an asset, and although you will never find it on any firm’s or personal’s balance sheet but it sure is the most valuable, and if I have learnt anything from this MBA, it is that investing time valuably is what matters in this whole life, whether it’s business life or personal…





Novel Tjahyadi
November 3, 2008
Multitasking and David Nalbadian

Who’s not multitasking in this world? We all are.

If you can’t handle multitasking, forget about doing the IXMBA (International Executive MBA) program. That’s what the program is about.

Wanna know how I handle multitasking? Simple. Take your reading materials to the Paris Tennis Masters’ final! That’s right. That’s what I did! I was reading the Operations Management’s case for our next week’s online session while watching the final match between Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (France) and David Nalbadian (Argentine) yesterday.

I was pretty sure that people sitting around me had thought that I was some kind of nerd or weirdo. Never mind. I was just thinking of doing something useful during the three-minute breaks in between the odd games rather than watching the empty court. Guess what… it turned out to be a productive reading! Honestly, I found it weird myself, because usually I need some tranquility while doing my reading. But this time, the shouts and the loud cheers inside the indoor stadium did not seem to bother me!

In the end of the three-set match, I finished up reading the article and more importantly I enjoyed the match too! (It was a good one albeit not that incredible.)

Ok, don’t get wrong. I am not trying to portray something that leads you to believe that the program is a piece of cake. Not at all. The message I am trying to send here is that once you are in the program, you will appreciate your time even more. Every single minute of your life is so precious that you can’t even let it fly without doing anything productive.

After all, the IXMBA program is about multitasking and time management.

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