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July 7, 2011
The Elevator Game

The Elevator

Would you like to excel at your job? Why don’t you give this game a try?

The Elevator is a game which offers an easy structured simulation with a wide range of realistic dilemmas that may occur in modern organizations. The student begins the game, and consequently his/her career from an entry level position at a fictitious company which should be the company of your dreams.
Students will have to face different situations, ethical issues and they will have to make their own decisions and see how their performance leads them to climb the hierarchy at work or not. An excellent performance could mean that a top management position could be reached in the organization and why not become the CEO of the company. Is this one of your challenges?
Many students have already played the game an it fosters the class discussion on the Organizational Behaviour courses of our Master Programmes. Furthermore, we have also launched a Facebook app so everybody is free to play The Elevator.
To access the material you can click on the following link and to access the Facebook app click on:

Jason Andrew
March 8, 2010
…finally found some time to do my first post

When I first volunteered to do a blog for the International Executive MBA…last November 09! I thought “that shouldn’t be too hard, surely I can find some time to put up a couple of words here and there”…mmm, well, it turned out that that was a little bit naive. Being part of the November IXMBA class is a wonderfully enriching experience, the trade off is that it costs a lot of time…but don’t be discouraged, the cost of time is well worth the outcome you receive!

We have 31 students from 22 countries. Sectors represented include, manufacturing, telecommunications, financial services, law, advertising, logistics, non for profit, consulting, IT, food technology, aeronautics, tourism, building and construction, engineering, nuclear physics, pharmaceuticals and a few experienced in start ups. It is a very diverse group. We have lawyers, CFOs, biologists, chemists, aeronautical engineers, nuclear scientists, our fair share of people in funds management and financial advising, company owners, people living as ex-pats in other countries, ex-university professors and someone who made a lot of money building and selling an internet start up – you’ll have to ask them what the website was about ;-).   So as you can see, life online with an IE Masters is not a lonely experience, you get to share it with amazing people who become your friends for life.

In the IXMBA we work in groups of 5-7 people and the work load is roughly like this:  Each week your group works on 3 assignments, these get submitted the following week on the Monday/Tuesday. This is followed by an open class discussion on the assignment topics with all 31 students…that is 3 class discussions happening simultaneously, these are guided by the professor who asks various questions and steers the direction of the conversation. These are very deep discussions and the learning experience is a lot greater than what I expected. Unlike being in a class you can’t just say what comes to mind, in an online course your contribution is there for all to see, so a lot of thought generally goes into a post. The discussions are open from Tuesday to Friday for students to participate where they can in different time zones. At the end of the week for some subjects there is a short quiz. The catch is, that whilst you are having the 3 class discussions, you are also working with your group to put together next weeks assignments, plus of course working full time.

All work is done in forums and is very easy to follow, and being online you obviously use other tools. In skyping with one of my colleagues in my group we were talking about the work load and then about our experience. At the end we decided that if you are going to get an EMBA from one of the best business schools in the world, it is normal for it to be challenging. In a strange kind of way it would be disappointing if it was too easy…but it is a hell of a lot of fun!


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