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Borislav Kiprin
November 13, 2009
Finding the Masters in Digital Marketing

As a first post, I think it is only normal to explain how I got here at Instituto de Empresa studying Masters in Digital Marketing.

If you are reading this blog, you are obviously interested in doing a Masters in Management or an MBA and second to that you might be also thinking of doing online, as yours truly does. So, in the following lines I will be laying down my approach to picking up this degree and enrolling for it.

•    Researching is a major point of a such endeavor. You are about to spend enormous amount of hard earned cash or actually get a loan from you bank. In both cases this is motivating you big time. What I did can be summed up in the following bullet points:
•    I figured out that a general MBA won’t cut it for me, because of the number of graduate available and the fact that I already did my Bachelor in Business Administration
•    I started researching online for a Marketing degree that focuses mostly on Digital, but also includes traditional approach.
•    I talked to friends that have done their MBAs in Top 25 schools. Asked many questions and got some valuable answers.
•    Got on,, BusinessWeek and Economist and checked all the rankings. I personally think that this is not a major think, but you will be surprised how many hiring manager pay attention to that, if of course you don’t know that by now.
•    Once, I got to know IE and their program, I didn’t even want to apply to the previously envisioned universities. I went strait to talking to the guys and submitted my application.
•    To my surprise I got an answer, plus proposal to enroll within two weeks. All done in a very professional and enthusiastic way (and I am not talking about my approach here)

Everything happened so fast that I was only able to believe it when I got to Madrid for my first face-to-face. Before it all seemed like an illusion.

Well, this is for this week. Next post I will be sharing my initial impressions of the program and hopefully answer some of the questions you, as a reader, might have.

Amani Hindawi
December 4, 2008
Why IE?

Since, We at the IXMBA-2007 are almost done and have only two more weeks to go, I thought that it would be  sort of a good blogging finale, if I talk about why most of us chose “IE” in particular for our MBA’s and not some other business school in Europe or even the United States.

BusinessWeek -in its last issue, published its new rankings for MBAs and Business Schools all over the  world.  Instituto de Empresa, IE Business School has received an impressive second rank for its MBA program (for a non-US based Business School),  although there are more “renowned” schools -by that I mean, more recognized, more advertised, more famous and maybe having a longer track record in MBAs and Executive MBAs, but by no means do I mean better.

IE has been consistently getting high rankings (among the top ten) for both of its MBA and Executive MBA programs over the past years, in more than one category by several entities; Financial Times, Economist, BusinessWeek and others.

It’s precisely that, which drove many of us to choose IE over other schools in Europe and the US, and We as future alumni should work on always helping IE to maintain and advance their ranking not for the rankings’ sake but for the sake of a better education and standard of students as well as caliber of graduates. IE’s responsibility of course, would lie in maintaining and deliberately enhancing those standards by guaranteeing the employment of the best standards, material and teaching methodology, choice of students, courses and syllabus, choice of professors as well as maintaining that edge in entrepreneurship and its International savvy.

Over the years, several US and international schools have established themselves as brands of a good education and benchmarks, and we would like “IE” to become one of those brands with a long track record of world class standards and a model of modern education.

Amani Hindawi

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